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I Know They Meant Well But….

Slowly, the news of my miscarriage reached some people at work. I had to tell because there were rumours going around that I was lying at home tired from morning sickness i.e. I was pregnant! I had to kill that rumour.

Then, it started. People kept coming to me and asked:

“Did you fall over? Were you not careful?”
“You must know you had to take extra care during the first trimester, don’t you?”
“You did something you were not supposed to? You must lie down, you know?”

I know they meant well. I know, I really do. But I don’t understand why, in all those remarks, I was being referred to as an indirect cause of the loss. I fell. I didn’t take care. I was careless. As much I make myself think it was not meant to mean badly, I cannot help but feel a slight tinge of hurt.


And They Never Judge….

Playing with the dogs today, I realized just how unconditional their love and affection for us is. They wag their tails without fail, greet me with the widest grin (well, it looks like a grin) and when they look at me with those big brown eyes, it just makes my heart melt. Dogs….they are indeed your best friends when all else fail.

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Durian Season is Here!….at the Office ! HA!

I just had to sneak a quick one in here while I am lunching at my desk in the office. While walking to my car to pick up some things earlier, I saw a pick-up truck parked in our office lots and a whole lot of people crowding around the back. Someone was selling durians at the office carpark! OMG! I suspect that someone is an office staff with an orchard or something…

I thought it was hilarious…! This multinational company… and someone selling fruit in its carpark. Priceless !

Well, I could not snap a pic… for obvious reasons….. Ha ha ha!

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KL City Here I Come…AGAIN

I have been Missing-in-Action from KL since the last Raya long weekend, after which I was on my long medical leave. That makes it err… almost one month! Well, that just means I have to make my way to KL again this week to check up on the consultants. But I’ll stay over the weekend this time with girlfriend Szen and go do some girlie things perhaps. Besides, hubby is still away. Perhaps I might even check out the sales as described by Elaine in her recent post. A little window shopping is always good for the soul.

Hotel this week: Traders Kuala Lumpur
Breakfast: Great selection of food. I love the generous size of the mugs for my morning tea, and the widest selection of juices ever!
Room service: So-so only lah…
Sleep points: Top of my list! Most comfy smooth cotton sheets.
Location: Walking distance from KLCC, buggy service available

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Dinner Tonight – Tofu w/ Minced Meat Sauce

Dinner at home again tonight. This time it is tofu with a sauce of minced meat, mushrooms, carrots, onion and garlic. Oh, and topped with home grown spring onions. Yummmmm!

Minced Meat Sauce:
Minced meat (chicken, pork or beef)
Dried shitake mushrooms – soaked
Carrots – diced
Onion and garlic – minced

– Fry onion and garlic until brown, add minced meat and stir fry till half liquid evaporates. Add a dash of fish sauce, oyster sauce, chinese cooking wine, pepper and a pinch of brown sugar. Thicken the sauce with corn starch and pour hot mixture over steamed tofu. Garnish with freshly chopped spring onions.


Travels in Europe

I am reading this book again because it made me laugh out loud when I read it 2 years ago. It might even help me with the current planning of our Europe trip next year.

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I just woke up from a weirder than weird dream of being in a spa run by old fairy beings…


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I Am An Offshore Wife

It is a lazy Sunday afternoon. While the sky is still overcast, there is some warmth from the sun that is penetrating through the clouds just enough to give a slight glare outside. But looking upwards, the threat of rain is still there.
I am slightly glad the weekend is almost over. Work starts tomorrow and that means from 7am till 5pm, my To-Do list is a no-brainer. And when I knock off from work, there is dinner to cook, the dogs to feed, dishes to wash and it will be time for telly and bed in a blink. Splendid.
Ah the long weekend. Most (if not all) people love it. But for me, it gets too draggy. More so, following events from a few weeks back. I suppose this is the life of an ‘offshore wife‘. Living in a small city so far away from family and hubby has to be away offshore on a regular basis. I don’t even get to ring him because he works night shifts and on a rig, one does not really have the time to hang on the phone with wifey anyway. Sigh… I cannot wait for this year to be over, after which he will be back with a desk job.

*Offshore wife – spouse of a person who works offshore in the oil&gas business.

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The Northeast monsoon season for East Malaysia is finally here. I hardly saw a speck of sunbeam all through today. It was all gray and cold and damp. Right now, I am sitting by my windows on the Easterly side of our home; it is raining hard and the breeze is blowing right in. I wonder if the dogs are dry and warm. Marley is probably crouched somewhere letting the rain beat her face – she’s a strange one.

Quiet night again, dinner alone. I wonder if it is raining hard (or harder) offshore where hubby is. Monsoon out in the open seas on a oil rig can’t be all that fun. Specially if one is not firmly stuck to the seabed. I know, I was on a work barge before and it totally sux! Good thing I don’t get sea sick.

I think I will go sit in bed and watch telly now.

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B O R E D …..

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