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New Year Shower

The rain is still steadily pouring, refusing to budge and let some sun out to dry up our soggy muddy garden. Chinese new year is usually steamy hot, and one will wish for snow even. It seems fairly odd to be raining so much.
The global weather is going berserk, I tell you. Must be all the fuel that we burn and the unnecessary air-conditioners that we use even when there is a breeze? (<– Hubby, are you reading this?). But okay, the sun has gone AWOL for days so Hubby is kind enough to let me open the windows to let in some fresh air, minus the artificially cooled air (if you haven't noticed by now, I kinda don't like being in air-con all the time).
Sigh… what is there to do on a day like this ? I think I might go finish up my book (currently reading Beach Babylon) and then perhaps start on a new one.

Gosh, the rain just got heavier and it’s barely 10 o’clock in the morning….

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To Be Able to Hope Again…

Finally, to be able to hope as that time of the month approaches; to be able to hope that the tell-tale signs never appear. That, as I begin to experience lately, is the one thing that truly helped in getting over the miscarriage. Even though we have not been lucky yet, being able to hope has been the best remedy so far.
So wish me luck, folks! 🙂

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Lunar New Year 2009

THAT time of the year again…so soon..??! (This is me, still not over the fact that 2008 is off and gone..)

The lunar new year is yet again a cool, cloudy and extremely wet affair. It is the Chinese New Year eve today and along with dodging the heavy rain that’s steadily pounding against the windows, the morning was spent throwing out more stuff we’ve been hoarding for years, vacuuming the house and making a vegetable and meat broth for our annual new year eve’s steamboat tonight. At least the weather is giving us a free auto-cleaning service for the outside of the house.

As a form of respect for Grandma’s passing late last year, we are not celebrating Chinese New Year this year, so no decking of the house in shades of red or having a jolly good time. But hubby and I will still have our little intimate steamboat for two. To all my readers of this blog, Chinese or otherwise; wishing everyone a happy and prosperous year of the Golden Ox.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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Out of Curfew

The waiting game again…

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The Perfect Weekend

It has been raining throughout the whole of last night and right till now; noon the next day. There is no sun at all and the rain is still steadily beating down on the rooftop. I am lying here on my favourite chair about to read a book, feet up, with a steaming mug of tea by the side. Classical music playing in the background and all the windows flung wide open.

What a perfect way to start the weekend.

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My Sexy Job

My company did such a great job in advertising. I never knew working as an engineer can be so sexy…..hmmm…

I wonder if he works in one of our offices…yummy…heheh…


Shell Clearing the Air FIlm

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Oh goodness! What is it with this book? The moment I started reading the first page, I was transfixed! I am mesmerized by the use of just simple words, but put together to form sentences that create such vivid images and emotions in the reader’s mind. I had scoffed at my brother’s first attempt to get me to read it, I told him it was teenage chick romance. I am now hooked, and spellbound by this narration of a young girl’s entanglement with a vampire (whom the author describes as totally mouth-wateringly gorgeous). Uhuh, I know what you non-readers of Twilight are thinking… what is wrong with me? But I read not only the stories in books, but I read how the authors write as well. The way authors string words to form sentences in an attempt to draw readers into the world of their stories, fascinates me. And THIS book, is charming me right to my toes! I cannot put it down!

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A New Year Ahead

I over-reacted a few days ago. Things are back to normal and I am utterly glad. I even spent new year’s eve in a bar with my brother and hubby, and had to drive them two half-drunken men back via the back roads just in case the law enforcers decided to do a road block that night. And oh, did I forget to mention I woke up on January 1st with a slight hang-over? We had THAT much fun….
I have some things to look forward to this new year and I hope it brings good things to my family and myself.
I should get on to having a list of things I would like to achieve in 2009 and beyond, shouldn’t I?

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Another Sad Story

A team mate of mine recently celebrated her first pregnancy, but alas at 8 weeks, she miscarried. Having heard her dreams and plans for her future baby days previously, I can imagine just how devastated she might be feeling now. I hope that by sharing my own story, she might perhaps feel that she isn’s alone. Even if it feels like it, it is not as if life is unfair only to her. However selfish this may sound like, sometimes knowing that there are other people close to you with similar experiences helps. That was how I tried to console myself with previously.
On a different note, I cannot help but start to worry about this alarming (to me it is) frequency of miscarriages within my own social circle itself. Is it our current modern lifestyle? Our working habits? Whatever it is, I cannot help but wonder if we do really have something to worry about….