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Lovey Dovey Yummy Valentine

I spent almost all of today working at home. What an uninspiring way to spend Valentine’s Day.
But then, past 5pm, hubby and I took a nice evening walk, hand-in-hand, and shared a nice word or two with neighbours who were also taking evening walks along our street. After that, I settled down to wait for our Valentine’s dinner. Because…. tonight, I wasn’t the one cooking. Instead, hubby whipped up a mouth watering delicious meal of rosemary and garlic seasoned pork chops served with a fresh salad. My hubby… cooking ! That deserved a publication in BOLD.

I think we had a nice cozy Valentine’s today (despite the fact I had to write a risk assessment report ! ^%$#%^^%$). Alright now, I want to go put my feet up and enjoy what is left of my Saturday with wonderful hubby. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day people! MUAH !
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Here It Goes Again

It is time to return to reality after the festive season. Stress, agitation, heartache and cold sweat from work are back knocking at the door. Oh well, time to keep my chin up and charge ahead then…

Boy, am I glad I like the people I work with … that keeps me sane day after day. Have a great year everyone !

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