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Random Bits of Info

on April 5, 2009

1. I have Siamese blood from Grandpa and very proud of it
2. My mom used to be EXTREMELY strict with me as a child (think caning and slapping and pinching) but I think I am a better person because of that
3. I wished I had a sister
4. I have no idea how my parents met or when they got married.
5. I am secretly pleased I have dimples (and hope my children will get them too!)
6. I LOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEE eating carbs – potatoes in particular. How the heck will I be able to stay trim when my metabolism goes downhill ???!
7. I like collecting mugs – for no particular reason
8. Untidiness drives me nuts
9. I still miss my late Grandma. I regret not hugging her during my wedding 😦
10. I hate the way my hair grows out of shape within days after a trim
11. I wonder why I have hair like barb wire when mom has such a fine silky mane
12. I have such a wild imagination – I wonder if I am normal
13. I had 4 volumes of personal journals written in coded language when I was 12 ( I have no idea how to read them now )
14. I am unable to sleep with my toes exposed
15. I like small stuffy spaces
16. I shamefully cannot drive a manual car anymore since I got my automatic vehicle
17. I am afraid of my parents aging and I do not know how to live without them
18. I am missing a tooth from my upper right gum
19. I am sometimes terrified that I do not have a career path in my mind!
20. I wish hubby would fold my laundry for me because I hate doing that

…to be continued…


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