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My Daddy

A belated post, for my dearest Papa. I think he is sometimes under-appreciated, with all of us grown up now and having our own lives. But my daddy will always be there, building something new, fixing something… making us comfortable and happy without doing anything too obvious. Somehow, everything works and is in place because of him.

Because of this, I would like to do something nice for Papa… hmm…


:) Moments

On a quiet breezy afternoon, saw this outside my window… 🙂

A lone butterfly having a sweet afternoon treat

A lone butterfly having a sweet afternoon treat

Lotsa nectar for one butterfly... no share share...

Lotsa nectar for one butterfly... no share share...

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With Family

Mom and dad are here with me in Miri for the month. And as usual, dad will always come up with a little house project and mom will cook some nice things.

Current on-going projects are:

Dad is starting a water lily project for me

Dad is putting together a wind mill that he had made in Alor Setar (assembling now)

Mom wants to make some Nyonya kuih


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Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Those like myself, who grew up in the seventies and eighties, probably grew up listening to chart toppers like ‘Beat It’ and ‘Thriller’. Sung by who else, but the legendary Michael Jackson. Well, he’s been around for as long as I could recall, since memories started forming in my head. Michael Jackson passed away yesterday, and made headlines worldwide.

Taken from the Daily Telegraph online:

MICHAEL Jackson has died after suffering what is believed to have been a cardiac arrest in Los Angeles.

The singer, 50, was pronounced dead soon after he arrived at an LA hospital.

The LA Coroner has confirmed his death.

Lieutenant Fred Corral told CNN Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:26pm (7.26am) local time after reportedly suffering a cardiac arrest, but not a heart attack.

“I can tell you at this time that we were notified by West Los Angeles Police Department detectives that Mr Jackson was transported … to the hospital, and upon admitting, he was unresponsive and was pronounced dead at approximately 2:26 this afternoon,” Corral told CNN.

Whatever it is that he’d been up to, good or bad, the world will always remember MJ as the ‘King of Pop’.

Rest in Peace……

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The (Almost) End to Another (Not so good) Week

I am slightly disturbed by how my audit went this week. It is not really bad, but I think I could or should have done better. On top of that, I am vastly disappointed that my so-called team member was not showing much of a team spirit anyway on some occasions. In fact, I was, and still AM rather pissed with him for not showing some support when I most needed it. Not only that, if no support, at least please shut-up and don’t make me look bad.

I so cannot wait to wrap up this phase of the project and move on to the next. I so cannot wait to not have to work for with him further. Good riddance! I am so glad this period of working with someone who just HAVE to control every frikkin thing everyone does is going to be over. He even wanted to dictate how many blardy pages my report had to be!


I wonder if I am feeling so mad because I generally do not like being told how to do what I am supposed to do. That does not mean I do not take suggestions or criticism, but when without a doubt I know there is no reason to do otherwise, and someone insists so just because he thinks so…. now THAT MAKES ME MAD.

Gosh.. I have to stop thinking about work now. It is blardy 10pm, I am in bed and there are other more useful things to fry my brain cells with.

Good night.

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Congratulations but…

Oh wonderful news! My hard work finally paid off and I am advancing to the next level in my career. I am very pleased with myself (I think I am allowed to feel good) and cannot wait to treat my parents to a very nice dinner in a fancy seaside restaurant this weekend. 🙂

Received my letter from the boss today. It says:

Congratulations on your blah blah blah. As an added bonus, you will be paid an additional $$ to celebrate with family and friends but please be informed that this is fully taxable and will be on your own account.

O-kay. Gimme something, then take something away. I don’t even know how to react to this.

What the……..

*blink blink*

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The Weekend Is Over (Almost…)


I did have a lot of fun the past 2 days despite doing things and being home by myself. Tomorrow is another weekday and I have a Value Assurance Review week (some external auditors coming to QC our project activities blah blah blah). Just need to get over Monday and hopefully the rest of the week will fly by. I have to give a presentation tomorrow and I DO dislike public speaking… although half of my job description requires me to do that most of the time. Ironic, is it not?

Well, here’s to a well-spent weekend. Looking forward to the next one. My parents will be arriving this coming Friday. Oooh I am excited !

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The Water Fountain

On a trip to Bangkok in 2006 to celebrate hen’s night for a few of my closest girl friends who were getting married, I stumbled upon this adorable wooden water feature. It is made out of bamboo and when water flows out of the spout, the wheel turns and the two Ah Seng and Ah Kow by the sides start getting jiggy (okay, actually the wooden men will mechanically start pounding on the bamboo and make calming ‘tuk tuk tuk’ sounds). I only took it out from under my kitchen sink storage space yesterday, gave a thorough rinse and set it up. It is quite lovely actually… wonder what hubby will think because I hijacked the space where he normally hangs his laundry…. hmmmm

The water fountain by the side entrance.

The water fountain by the side entrance.

I don't know where the guppies went...last time I checked they were still alive and swimming..

I don't know where the guppies went...last time I checked they were still alive and swimming..


Good Morning Sunday!

What a wonderful feeling to wake up to the bells tinkling away being teased by the morning breeze. Rain is coming. I can see the gray clouds rolling in and the distant rumble of thunder. Splendid! Me love rainy weekends.

I am going to sit outside and read now, with my tray of breakfast… perfecto! Have a good day people!

Breakfast with a good book... with a gentle breeze blowing and my newly set-up water fountain gurgling in the background...

Breakfast with a good book... with a gentle breeze blowing and my newly set-up water fountain gurgling in the background...

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Halfway Through a Good Weekend

I am sitting in bed thinking… what a good Saturday! Not that I did a lot of stuff… but I got some items that overstayed on my To-Do list ticked off. I actually enjoyed spending the day just having some ME time. I even finally set up the little water fountain I got from Bangkok like in 2005! Well done to me!

Tomorrow I will wake up early, make myself some toast and a cup of tea and read outside on my patio while eating my breakfast. I cannot wait!

For now, I am going end this great stay-in Saturday night with a chick flick (The Jane Austen Book Club) and then wait for that call from my dearest in Europe.  :))

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