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Nesting & The Minimalist Mum

I keep coming across statements in pregnancy infosites and books that expecting women start to develop a need to start preparing the home for baby sometime within the 40 weeks. For me, it is more like… I want to get rid of things. Things that have been sitting on shelves and serving no particular purpose. Things that started off as gifts, were kinda cute initially but ain’t cute no more when I have to painstakingly dust them ever so often. You see, I am sort of a minimalist… I like the house tidy and as bare as possible – with all the basic essentials, of course. I hate clutter! And the thought that when baby arrives, there will be more things lying around is driving me to clear out the unused stuff even more.

While there are new stuff that we need to get to prepare for the little munchkin, I am sticking to my principle of using whatever we have now as much as it is practical. For example, we will be converting hubby’s unused study and study table downstairs into a secondary changing area. We live in a double storey house and running up and down the stairs when we frantically need to clean up accidental messes might not be a good idea. So why not just convert the study temporarily. I am trying not to have additional pieces of furniture where practical. Of course, we do have the crib, but that is a neccessity.

Next, I have cleared up some space in the spare wardrobe in the guest room for baby stuff. While doing so, I packed up two bags of used clothing and stuff that I have not touched for ages. Some are almost new, but what the heck. I feel they could go to someone else who might need them more urgently. So I am giving those away to our weekly cleaner. She can pass them on to her kids or to anyone in her kampung who might need them. As for changing upstairs, perhaps we might use a side of the spare bed or get a small table. Hmmm…. the constant battle between minimalism and practicality.

As for toys and play things, don’t even get me started. Anything that takes up too much floor space and cannot be packed up into a box once done does not rank very highly on my list right now. Yes, call me a military mummy…whatever….but I suppose there is more than one way to raise a child. We do already have a few small toys for baby – gifts from people and hand me downs, and I believe enough for those infant months.

Let’s see how all this work out later… smack me please if I turn into a hoarder later!

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Tagged: My Five Senses

I have been tagged quite some time ago by Whimsical and honestly at first, I was not quite sure what to do… so after checking around other blogs, I think I pretty got it…sort of…so here goes…!


Rule # 1 I am supposed to display this tag on my blog

Rule # 2 Post the rules (which is what I am doing now)

Rule #3 Link back to the blog that tagged you (Okay…)

Rule # 4 Make a list of the 5 senses and what each one represents for me

Rule # 5 Tag 5 other blogs and let them know! (Hmm….a little tricky there…but I will try)

My 5 senses are:

Sight:ย  Wide open spaces with rolling green hills and swaying trees

Smell: The fresh smell of electrically charged air and the washed out world after a thunderstorm!

Taste: Simple home cooked meals

Feelย  : The soft smooth cotton of the one faithful pillow I cannot sleep without!

Hear : Gurgling water

I tag:

Forbidden Fruit





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Nineteen Weeks!

Back in August, I probably will not be able to imagine sitting here with a rounded belly. How time flies! And I am grateful for every single blessed day ๐Ÿ™‚

I can still get away with hiding belly under over-sized T-shirts but I do not have many pieces of in-between sized clothing so I am starting to wear maternity tops now, which are much more comfortable actually. So it is no longer a secret that I am preggers wherever I go. I kind of enjoy it actually… new outfits… loosely fitting and I don’t have to feel self-conscious of my slightly bulging belly. It’s brilliant, actually!

Baby is also starting to squirm lately. Well, I am sure she’s been squirming for a while now, it’s just that I am just starting to feel her now. At first I was not so sure, but the very faint nudges have become quite noticeable now… that I am ALMOST sure it is coming from this lifeform within me ๐Ÿ™‚

We cannot wait for the next check-up in a week’s time. Why? Because I will be twenty weeks along and we might find out if baby is a boy or a girlie! Excited !

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They Tell You This…They Tell You That

Now that I am starting to show at 19 weeks, I am also getting bucketloads of tips and advice; whether I welcome them or not.

While I am aware that most mean well, but when various different people keep telling me how I should raise my baby when the time comes, it does get annoying after a while. For example, I have decided that I will breastfeed exclusively. With that statement, I have drawn quite a few comments and tips… some positive and encouraging, but sadly a vast majority of friends and acquaintances have their doubts and are not afraid to voice them out to me. Their comments range from “No it is not practical to do with you being tired after giving birth” to “You will run out of milk very soon”. I have done enough research and spoken to friends who have successfully breastfed for one year or more to know that what I plan to do is not impossible at all. But when people keep telling me again and again what they think is right or not, it does get rather annoying.

Then, there is this thing with most people I know about getting someone to care for my baby at night. Apparently it is not a good idea to be trying to take care of baby all by ourselves if we have full time day jobs. O-kay. Now this really blows my mind. Yes, we are going to get a babysitter who will be able to watch after baby while we’re both at work, but come evening after I get home, all I would want to do (naturally!) is to be with my baby. Seriously, my work will be secondary after this. I will not slack off, but I am not going build a career empire for the next year or so anyway. I am going to have a baby! And we have tried so hard for this child, the last thing I want to do is subcontract his/her upbringing to someone else. So please, I really would appreciate it if people do not try to tell me how I should be spending my time with baby. If I choose to suffer through it, then let me suffer through it. I do not tell anyone else that THEIR way of totally handing the child to the maid is wrong, do I?

I really do have to tell myself to stop arguing and just smile and nod my head next time these comments come.ย  I can always choose not to agree silently… and arguing will only aggravate me more. Specially when they drop this PARTICULARLY comment:

“Wait till your baby arrives, you haven’t tried it yet”


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A Cleaning Freak & Little Feet :)

Boy oh boy have I been busy today !

Ever since we found out that I’m preggers, I had stopped doing most of the house chores and spent my days with my feet mostly up. That was fine while I was suffering from the nausea but it eventually became such a bore and I think it did add in the crankiness. Anyway I have been feeling quite well lately and on this bright Saturday morning I decided to resume some of the lighter household duties.

My first cousin who now has 2 kids (7 and 5 year olds respectively) passed a whole lot of used baby clothes over to me while we were in Sydney. They’ve been kept in her storage for quite some time so I decided to give them all a wash-through today. So my morning started with sorting out what I could throw into the washing machine immediately and what I need to soak first. It was quite fun going through the stacks of impossibly small socks and little pairs of pants. They are just too cute!

After that I decided to home-spa my much neglected hair with a coconut oil mask, and while waiting for the moisturising goodness to seep into my oh-so-dull-looking hair, I rinsed my everyday tote bag and put it up to dry outside. Next, I proceeded to rinsed out all the toddler drinking cups that I also brought back from my cousin. And finally, I prepared the soup for our dinner tonight before having a good long shower and hairwash.

The buzz from moving around a little sure did me good. While I am not advised to over-strain myself (DUH..!!), a little activity gives me an energy spurt which probably did something to produce somesort of happy hormones. So now I am back with my feet up, taking a good afternoon rest and feeling all fuzzy and happy and smiley. And oh, all those little clothes hanging on our laundry line…. too cute!

On a separate note, our 16th week scan yesterday went well. Baby is growing as she* should, but we didn’t get a very good ultrasound picture of her this time. She was wriggling too much and I suppose as she is now bigger, harder to see. The best shot we got was of her legs and feet – waist down. Hmm… not your typical 16th week shot but oh well…


* Baby will be referred to as a ‘she’ for now until we find out the gender… I find it strange to call baby an ‘it’… :-T

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Sydney: A Beautiful Wedding, Glorious Food & Beachside dream houses

On this day a week before, I was having the most heavenly cannoli – light crispy shell and a delicate chocolate filling. Sigh… no more here. But before I write more about that, here’s a recap of our trip to Sydney last week.

After a restless 7 hours and 25 minute flight from KL, we finally landed at Sydney’s International Airport at about 9am Sydney time. I was suffering from somesort of a muscle ache on my right thigh, a peely and itchy chin from the dry cabin air and a grumbling stomach. Breakfast on the plane was a measly portion of yogurt (couldn’t take that because yogurt makes me puke) and a cold chocolate muffin (not interested). What happened to the days of nasi lemak on MAS flights???

Anyway, we had to wait for almost an hour for our luggage (I don’t know what happened…airport screwed up sending MH123 elsewhere) and then another hour or so in the customs queue. We were standing there for so long that the sniffer dogs probably got bored sniffing our bags for the goodness-knows-how-many time. At long last, we finally got out to the arrival hall close to 11am into the welcoming arms of my extended family members! It was so good to see them again. But I was STILL cranky, achy and hungry. So to cut the story short, we got home, hi hi hug hug and off to lunch we went. I had my Vietnamese pho fix No. 1 that day for lunch.

Weather during our trip started off pleasant enough, but it was cold, wet and windy during cousin May’s wedding. But Aunty’s constant prayers were answered as the weather held throughout the ceremony and only started to pour like literally 2 seconds after May and Steve were announced as Husband and Wife and walked back down the aisle. Of course, the rest of us were scampering off after them with raindrops on our heads. It was a small, intimate but beautiful wedding -held at a little function bungalow with the ceremony out in the garden. Lunch and dancing was in a beautifully decorated room, with absolutely good food.

The rest of the week in Sydney was spent wandering around the city and Sydney’s coastal suburbs. And of course, eat, eat and eat. The one thing I missed about Sydney is the food. Yes, food. Hubby and I stayed with one of my cousins who lives with her hubby in an Italian suburb. Needless to say, most of the shops sell Italian groceries, Italian magazines and of course, Italian food! We went back to the same restaurant twice because Hubby was hooked on the pizza. I was hooked on the pasta. Once I forgot that I should not take dairy on an empty stomach and had pizza and pasta for lunch (after a very light breakfast). Right on cue, it all ended up in the sink. But oh well, it was good while I was eating it ๐Ÿ˜€

Sydney is definitely a pretty city with breathtaking coastal suburbs that will make you wish you had a few million Aussie dollars to spare to buy a house overlooking the Pacific ocean. People are generally nice (except my cousin’s Italian neighbours who just wouldn’t smile at us no matter how many times we bump into them outside … what the….) and need I say more about food? We had dim sum, Vietnamese (fix No. 2 was a day after the wedding), seafood, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. I came back a kilo heavier (which is my weight gain achievement for pregnancy week 16).

We surely missed everyone there and hopefully to return for another short holiday with a little tot in tow in the near future ๐Ÿ™‚

Some people are lucky enough to get a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Some people are lucky enough to get a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney 023

Bronte Beach - Wouldn't you want to wake up to this view every day?

Sydney 035

Private beach, anyone?

Sydney 050

Harry's meat pies @ Woolloomoolloo - supposedly a must-have when in Sydney, with mashed potatoes and peas on top. Sorry, too busy eating, forgot the pic

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16 Weeks: Sexy but Hairy

After sleeping for more than 10 hours 2 nights in a row and gettingย  an early break off work for 2 days, I finally felt better and well-rested. Perhaps I was exhausted from the Sydney trip and it was finally catching up. So the long hours of sleep did me some good.

At 16 weeks, I can finally safely assume that the slight belly bump is baby and not just me accumulating a tad more bulge from the lack of physical activity. So really, I am pregnant !

While being pregnant has blessed my upper body with an (ahem) extra boost of feminine assets, further south the body hair on my belly seem to have also received some sort of boost by growing longer. Gee … I have a hairy belly. I suppose if I keep my swimming hours after sunset I won’t scare the kids.

Apart from that, everything is fine and the 24-hour sickness has finally subsided. Except when I forget and ingest food containing dairy products on an empty stomach – that somehow will make me throw up.

Tomorrow we have a doctor’s appointment again and Hubby and I both just cannot wait to see our little squirmy baby again ๐Ÿ™‚

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Gosh…I am so tired…all the time. By 2pm at the office I would be wishing for a nap, so by 5pm ish when I finally get home, the single main objective is to have shower and then fall asleep until it’s time to wake up and make dinner.

I’ve got lots to write about the pregnancy but sleep is No. 1 for now… perhaps sometime this weekend I may be feeling fresh enough to do so…

Till then..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

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Back Safe and Sound

We survived our first plane ride since May this year. Needless to say, I was a tad nervous and not to mention quite uncomfortable all the way to Sydney. But being back where I used to be and being with the rest of the extended family soon banished all traces of fatigue (mostly) and we were eating our way through Sydney in no time!

We literally just got back, so am still a little exhausted. But to sum it all for now, it was a wonderful trip, beautiful wedding and glorious weather! More later….