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Ushering in the New Year

Ah…so swiftly the days go by. I just posted a Christmas wish and *blink blink* now it is time for a New Year greeting pulak!

So what is a pregnant woman to do on new year’s eve? Partying has its restrictions obviously…I have to avoid smoke-choked places, which is literally anywhere fun and crowded tonight. Which leaves the not-so-happening places. Hubby and I decided to just go out and do something together…so we are going to take-away the best fried chicken wings in town (only sold outside a dodgy looking bar at night, mind you!) and camp out at a local cafe. We will be silly and do people watching while sipping tall frosty glasses of iced milo in between delicious sinful bites of fried chicken wings.

Simply silly fun…

Happy New Year everyone!

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A New Year’s Wish

Happy New Year, Baby….

Here’s wishing the both of us and, daddy too, a wonderful start to the new year. Daddy and Mummy are waiting patiently to finally kiss your cheeks and tickle your feet in a few months’ time..


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Have you heard of the latest in total fitness ? Catching your siestas while practicing your yoga too!

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Season's Greetings!

Our Christmas tree is up and blinking away!

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! DING DONG DING DONG!


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OUCH! Tooth/Gum Ache!

At first, I thought I might be suffering from a tooth decay problem. Then, a day or two later I noticed that almost my whole gum and all my teeth started to ache…as though I’ve been grinding them too much. Apparently this is a normal occurance for pregnant women – the gums become tender and swollen and require extra gentle care. Brushing has become a dreaded chore now – I am constantly spitting out a little blood as the gums bleed easily now. Oh crap.

I am not even going to put my top and bottom teeth together when I have my mouth closed….they are just too sensitive. I really hope they are not going to get worse… this cannot be happening…I am already not into the ‘eat-like-a-pregnant-woman’, now if eating will become a dreaded thing as well, I might as well be on a liquid diet.

Hmmm…I wonder if special toothpaste will help, because I really do want to enjoy my food without pain.


Brushing dilligently at least twice a day with toothpaste for sensitive tooth and gums seems to help. On top of that, I gargle with a mild anti-bacterial (diluted) and floss to remove any food residue from between the teeth. No longer feel as uncomfortable, except I still have to watch what I chew…my teeth feel like they’ve expanded and pushing against each other. Is that even possible? Teeth getting bigger isn’t one of the symptoms I read about…hmm…

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Immigration Puzzles

So I have to go get my restricted East-West Malaysia passport renewed, you see. Since it is relatively quiet at office, I decided to leave an hour or so earlier to the Immigration office and get that done.

The Jabatan Imigresen isn’t anywhere nearby my workplace, mind you. It is a good half an hour’s drive away, and in this scorching weather lately. Parking is also a nightmare – the building is smack in the middle of Miri old town, somehow always packed with vehicles and people all day long.

Yesterday I went after lunch, thinking that I might be able to make it at the front of the queue after 1pm. I was prepared to wait until 2pm. You know what?? The Payment Counter only opens at 2.30pm !!! I could not possibly wait that long! So fine! I thought I might go back today instead AFTER 2.30pm and prepared to wait till 5pm if I had to.

So today off I went yet again, by the time I found parking, walked across the road sweaty and red and smelly….I saw a sizeable crowd inside. Good, I thought. That means everything was up and running. It was 3.15pm. And as with any government offices, I had to take a number. What did I see?

Kaunter Nombor Tutup 3pm. Ambil esok

(Number counter closed at 3pm. Please take tomorrow)


Fuming silently, I went back to my car (my parking coupon wasted $%#@@#) and drove myself to get a manicure. At least I have neat pretty painted nails now.

If my THIRD visit doesn’t work out, you may safely assume I might be assaulting someone at the Jabatan Imigresen….


YES! I finally got my passport done on the third visit. However, I still need to return next Monday morning to collect it. Oh well…


Happy Hour

I am so sleepy but how does one sleep with a samba going on in the belly?

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Random Updates @ 21 weeks

1. I have gained about 4 kilos to date

2. My current favorite hairstyle – a very short layered bob (I psychologically think it makes me look less round)

3. If a particular dish requires chillies as an accompaniment (e.g. noodles), I HAVE to have LOTS of it!

4. My only food indulgence is a weekly dose of birds’ nest – home brewed, of course.

5. Baby kicks all the time!

6. My christmas tree is up! (<–Okay totally unrelated but it IS Christmas!)

7. The pimples from first trimester are finally gone (PHEW!)

8. I am two bra sizes up.

9. I don’t like prawns.

10. My favorite maternity outfits are my Padini t-shirts in larger Medium sizes and stretchy yoga pants – who needs to spend on maternity outfits? He he…

11. I am still eating mainly 3 regular main meals a day with very few needs for small in-between meals. I am not on a diet, just not hungry like how most books say I will be *shrug*

12. I have stopped reading pregnancy books or websites – I watch too much Discovery Health programs on pregnancy and am kinda bored of it all…

13. I love fresh vegetables with sambal belacan.

14. The hair on my belly has not grown any longer (PHEW!)

15. Greasy food still makes me sick.

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Boy or Girl…?

We honestly do not know yet.  The last few scans showed baby in a very comfortable position with the legs both clamped tightly shut…. so modest 😛

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Dinner Tonight: Bak Kut Teh with Shallot Rice

I cook dinner almost every night now since I have developed a weird aversion to most ‘outside’ food. One can say that it is a good thing, since eating home cooking is better than eating out for an expectant mother. Well, I suppose that is the good side effect from it.

While most days I prefer simple dishes, occasionally I would catch some program on the food channel featuring some food that’s it – I HAVE TO HAVE THAT! These are usually relatively simple food as well; most of the time either I am not able to get it here (e.g. chee cheong fun Penang style, fried beehoon kosong the way a certain ah pek does it back home in Alor Setar, laksam) or I will just have to cook them myself. The most recent of such a craving – Bak Kut Teh!

So off I went on my mission to re-create that mouth watering bowl of simple peasant food featured on the Food Channel. Did you know Bak Kut Teh was first invented by the poor workers by the shipping docks in Malaya who did not have money to buy good food, so they collect herbs that fell out of the sacks that they carried daily, and boiled them with pork bones which was relatively cheaper than meat? Pure genius I must say!

Anyway, Bak Kut Teh is an easy peasy dish to cook. One is spoilt for choice of the various pre-packed Bak Kut Teh herb bag that are sold in any grocery shop or supermarket. Alternatively, just pay visit to any chinese medicine hall and request the owner to pack a bag for you.

How to cook it? Just slow boil the herbs with pork or chicken bones for at least 3 hours. The longer you boil them, the tastier the soup. I like to add pork ribs, chicken feet and a pinch of fermented beans (tau cheao) for a richer soup flavour so just a touch of salt would do at the end to complete the taste. Oh by the way, don’t forget to add a whole garlic (lightly crushed) as well.

For condiments one may also add:

Mushrooms (shitake, button or oyster)

Beancurd sheets

Meat balls

Whatever parts of the porky pig that one might like (it is best to cook the other meat parts separately and not boil them too long, they might disintegrate into the soup)

I picked up a neat trick from a local Bak Kut Teh shop, which is to serve it with shallot rice. To cook this;

Fry finely chopped shallots until lightly brown

Cook rice and when rice is boiling, add the fried shallots together with some of the oil they are fried in. The fragrant shallot oil will be infused into the rice.

Finally, season the Bak Kut Teh soup with some pepper and dark soya sauce just before serving if you like. Never boil the soup with the dark soy sauce as it will turn slightly sourish. Garnish with chinese parsley. Lip smacking goodness!

Couldn't find chinese parseley today so spring onions will do lah!

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