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Boy…or…Girl ????

I keep on having people coming up to me and insisting on telling me whether baby is a boy or a girl. Honestly I do not mind the occasional guessing game; based on old wives tales and their personal experience or whatever. But when they get insistent on it…now THAT is when it gets annoying.

Well, from the doctor’s scans and all we have been told it should be a girl. However, of course while baby hasn’t yet flashed us the full monty we wouldn’t be able to be 100% sure. But still, month after month of consistent scan results that showed a high probability of a little girl, I would say…we are pretty much convinced. But hey, if a boy decides to show up, then a boy he shall be.

But what irks me most is when people keep doing this to me;

Person: Oh looks like you are having a boy..

Me: Errm…well, the scans pretty much show that it is probably a girl

Person: (Looks so perplexed and taken aback) Oh…really?

Me: Yes..

Person: But based on your tummy/face/shape it must be a boy. The doctors can be wrong, you know

Me: Yea well…we have been consistently shown that it is a girl

Person: Oh no I don’t think so. This is a boy. You’ll see.

Geeeezzzzzzzzz…. I just realized that this guessing/insisting on baby’s gender thing is no play play huh….people get offended when I tell them that they are wrong. But hey…doesn’t it cross their mind that I may get offended too if they keep on smothering me with all their theories???

I really hope baby will turn around and show us something soon. I am so tired of having to pretend I agree with everyone….


The Final Lap

At 30+ weeks I cannot rub lotion on my own feet or sometimes….wear my own pants. And I thought I wasn’t a very flexible person before this….worse now!

When people say “the belly will just grow exponentially from now on..” I guess they were right. I am running out of clothes to wear and am just wearing the same old outfits every week to work. Gee….boriiiinngg….time for a mini shopping spree. I will just stick to my usual empire-cut like T-shirts…something I can still wear later…I have barely 2 months left…no point to stock up on new clothes eh?

Baby is currently breached! I have no idea when she decided to turn 180 degrees. And I must say, having a little head wedged between the bottom of my boobs and my ribs ain’t such a great position – hence the difficulty to bend over to do anything. Try putting a small ball underneath your boobs (for ladies…). Doc reassured us that she will eventually turn and engage herself at the pelvis…but there is a slight chance that if she does not, then we might have to consider a c-section delivery. Eeeeeekkkkk!!!!!! PLEASE TURN BABY!!!!!!

Baby’s movements are also very much pronounced now…stronger vibrations and squirms. Not so much kicks, no space for that now I assume. There are moments when she drags something across the skin….a limb perhaps and we would tease it and gently poke it…and she would react. How cute is that?! Gee…I am definitely going to miss being pregnant….

Mummy is now 55 kg…and having short episodes of swollen feet…which I will frantically try to reduce by drinking gallons of water and cut off the salt. It kinda hurts actually and I am glad it is now mostly under control.

Wow…less than 10 weeks to go… can’t believe we have come this far 🙂

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Happy New Year of the Tiger 2010

Here we are again spending CNY in Miri. Well, we so proudly bought tickets about 10mths ago to be home this year for CNY but then Fate decided to intervene and gave me a big belly instead. Hmm…

It has been a rather quiet long weekend for us. I have been working for a few hours at home each day trying to clear off work before I go off for my long leave (I cannot wait!! I cannot wait!! I cannot wait!!!!) and Hubby been catching up on his baby reading (I made him at least read my book on breastfeeding just so he will know what to expect and how to support me :P).

Anywaaaaay….here’s wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai for the year of the Tiger. May you be blessed with a prosperous new beginning! Roar!

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