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Thai-style Glass Noodle Salad

on March 29, 2010

Incredibly simple and snappy on a lazy Sunday lunch when I just wanted to whip up something to fill my belly – and not wanting to go out get more ingredients! Just use ingredients that are in my pantry/fridge/storage. Took me about 15minutes from start to my first mouthful.


A piece of chinese dried meat (bak kua) – finely chopped. Original recipe calls for fried minced meat

Carrot and cucumber – finely sliced

A handful of mint leaves and coriander – coarsely chopped

Toasted peanuts – coarsely pounded

Half a pack glass noodles – soaked in boiling water till soft and drained

Chilli flakes, brown sugar, lime juice and fish sauce – to taste


Toss all ingredients together to mix and serve!

How simple is that! I have seen variations of this with cooked seafood or more herbs. Just experiment with it! It’s a light and healthy salad, just filling enough till the next snack time 😀


2 responses to “Thai-style Glass Noodle Salad

  1. whimsicaljottings says:

    No cucumber? Hehee 😉

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