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Nasi Ulam Mania #2

on April 11, 2010

I kid you not when I wrote some time ago that I am crazy over all food fresh throughout this pregnancy. Today again, I decided to make nasi ulam for dinner and this time did a variation of it with some added extra condiments – fried tau kwa (hard tofu) and a special sauce to go with the rice. Nasi ulam from Southern Thailand that my late grandma used to buy from the Siamese temples during festivities always came with this sauce, but we never really knew what went into it. Although, this much we do know – it is a mixture of fermented fish sauce, palm sugar and spices. So for tonight I added fish sauce, palm sugar, kaffir lime leaves, garlic and some shallots and boiled it for a few minutes. Tasted good to us !

I made an effort with the rice: steamed with 'blue bunga telang water' and pandan for that extra fragrance

Little treasures around the plate: cucumber, fried taukwa, salted fish, bunga kantan and finely sliced fresh herbs

Fish sauce palm sugar mix


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