Breezing through life and loving every moment…

Mommy Meltdown

on June 9, 2010

Yesterday afternoon was particularly difficult. Maddy kept on crying as soon as I put her down on the cot to nap, even though seconds before she seemed to be in such deep sleep on my arms. I was desperate to put her down as my arms were aching and carrying her increasing weight around was making my abs slightly sore-something which worried me due to my csect wound.

She wouldn’t let me put her down too over lunchtime so I could not eat until hubby was done with his lunch. I tried eating while holding her in one arm but that was messy-and it frustrated me even more.

By late afternoon I was exhausted and cranky from the repeated tries of putting her down and picking her up again due to her crying. My wrist hurt badly. My abs sore.

Then suddenly she fell asleep on the sofa and I managed to get some rest for my wrist. But moments later hubby returned home, and the car rolled over our defective drainage cover and made a loud clanking noise. As a result, Maddy woke up startled and cried fitfully.

I subsequently burst into tears.


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