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Things That The Books Never Tell You

on June 16, 2010

Prior to delivery, I read and read about childcare and talked to experienced parents..and thought I would have everything under control when the baby arrived. Little did I know that there were a whole lot more unmentionable things that only first hand experience can teach you…

Nobody ever told me…

That it could take time to fall in love with your baby. Of course I was so emotional when Madelyn was born and thought she was our precious bundle of joy. But when all the excitement had worn off and all the uncertainties, anxiety and exhaustion started to kick in, I wondered if I was feeling anything at all. At one point I was even asking myself … why was’t I filled with overwhelming motherly love??? Was I a bad mother then? But really, the love was there, just that beneath all the urge to TAKE CARE of my baby and the worry of not doing the right thing for my child, that loving feeling took some time to surface. But once it did, there is no turning back 🙂

Breastfeeding can be such a lonely experience at times. Madelyn latched on for hours initially, making me somewhat immobile and constantly just perched on the bed with her in my arms. People came and went, and still I was stuck. And then there were night feeds. Hubby does get up but on weekdays I just let him sleep.

And then, nobody told me I would occasionally smell like a nursing mother dog. Yes you read that correctly. If you have had a female dog with pups before, that is how I think I smell like sometimes, all milky-like.

And oh, nobody ever wrote about how messy breastfeeding can get! Literature and articles tell nursing mothers to go bra-less as often as possible. But how am I to do that when I leak milk randomly? I need the bra to hold my breastpads in place. And when Maddy unlatches herself in the middle of a feed I spray her in the face with milk, milk dribbles down, gets on my clothes, the floor…no wonder I smell milky..

So there you go folks…nobody ever told me…..


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