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First Outing

on June 17, 2010

After almost 7 weeks at home, Maddy and I finally went out yesterday-like out of the house and farther than the street outside.
It was her 6 weeks checkup at the clinic and my post-partum review as well. I was a nervous wreck! Why? Because I was afraid Maddy might scream or fuss or decided she wanted to feed all the time. So I packed her diaper bag with my nursing cover, and gee I must say that breastfeeding does make packing easy! Her diaper bag was relatively empty with the absence of milk bottles and stuff like that. Awesome, no?
Turns out it wasn’t so bad after all. Maddy slept through almost the entire time, except for the few brief minutes when she wailed when the doctor stripped her and I had to nurse her once while waiting for my checkup. It was a breeze.

I came home feeling fully recharged and with a new sense of confidence that it IS possible to start bringing Maddy out. And nursing in public was no big deal at all. I am looking forward to a nice dinner out soon – just the three of us.



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