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Two Months Old!

on June 30, 2010

Maddy is two months and one day old today. She is growing in leaps and bounds in terms of personality! When we look at her or smile at her, she smiles back and starts babbling going “ah goo” or “ah boo” or “e-wer” all the time. Occasionally it becomes a gleeful shriek or the cutest soft mumble ever.

I am also starting to hold her upright while supporting her neck. While she hasn’t yet gotten the hang of lying on her tummy and trying to lift her head (rather she ends up squishing her face partly on wherever it is she’s lying on and drool all over), she can sort of hold her head up if held upright. Oh yes, she has also discovered free self entertainment using her saliva.

We have also been bringing her out – grocery shopping, buying food and yesterday took her out to the mall. She was quietly observing her surroundings from her stroller without a fuss until when it was time to go home started to cry for milk. So it was quite a successful trip! This Saturday we will be meeting some friends for a dim sum brunch, hopefully she will be okay and won’t get too annoyed.


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