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Madelyn is 3 Months Old!

Yes! My little girl is one quarter into her first year! Imagine that! She marked the third month of her infant year with the following:

1. My baby can lift her head AND shoulders while on her belly!! She surprised us today by just suddenly lifting herself off the playpen when I flipped her over for some tummy time. Previously the past week she was just barely lifting her head and would start complaining after half a minute or so….then suddenly today she lifted her whole head and shoulders too!!! Wowee!!!

2. She laughed at me today! Like a real “You look dumb in that dress, Mommy” kinda laugh! YAY!

3. And she gained slightly more than kilo since her last weigh-in a month ago! My chubby porky pie is now a 5.8kg bundle of shrieks, giggles and wriggles….

Seen in this picture is her (latest) bizarre habit of holding the left side of any seat she is in….my little ‘big tauke” he he …..

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I Feel Like a Bad Mom!!

I made Maddy cry so much this afternoon, her whole body went red and her voice went husky. I was trying to get her to bottle-feed and she was hating it so much she scream and scream her lungs out!

What made it worse was after I took the bottle away and held her close, she stopped crying and in between sobs she broke into a smile just like that. OMG…. Her love is so unconditional it broke my heart to think of what I put her through…


Space Travel!

Random thought today….

If Earth is spinning around in outer space at tens of thousands of miles per hour around the sun, and we are all on board…does that then make us all space travellers?

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Latest in Style: Babywearing

It is funny how much more visible one gets when carrying a baby.

Everywhere I go, total strangers walk by, turn back and smile at me. Other mothers with babies give my a little nod and smile, as if there’s this unspoken bond and silent understanding which says “Ah..motherhood…it is nice is it not?”. Just this afternoon we were grocery shopping and Maddy was in her pouch sling and I so effortlessly struck up a conversation with a lady who was also carrying her three month old son in a sling while waiting for our husbands. Wow…since when did I become so sociable???? And I had to smile to almost everyone at every aisle because they keep smiling at me!

I suppose I don’t need a Chanel outfit or a Gucci bag to get noticed now. Just wear my baby…although the baby will end up being pricier. But then again neither the sleek Chanel dress nor that stylish Gucci purse will look me in the eye and give me the cutest toothless grin and make me feel like the most important person in the world…

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Got Milk?

I’ve been asked several times by several people…am I feeding Maddy enough? Am I producing enough milk? Well….picture attached….

I rest my case. 😛

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De Quervain’s Tendinitis

Contrary to its fancy name, this condition I am suffering from is far from fancy. I am currently in pain. Yes, physical pain at both my wrists from repetitive strain injury of picking up and carrying Madelyn…all 5.1 kilos of her chubbiness. Oh and this condition is also commonly known as ‘New Mum’s Syndrome’.
There are tendons that run along my thumb and wrist and all those repeated pickups and holding her during feeding cause the tendons to rub against each other and get inflamed. This resulted in a sharp pain when I move my thumbs. I am truly in agony here. Now I have my left wrist in bandage and right wrist in a wrist guard, both to help prevent movements of the wrists as much as possible. Although I let hubby do most chores and care for Maddy when he is around, I still have to use my injured wrists as carefully as possible when he is at work.

Ah…the pains of being a mother….



After a relatively short time of contemplating whether or not to merge my two blogs, I went ahead and did it. It wasn’t too difficult, made it as easy as a 5 minute of clicking a few tabs.
So here we are all posts in one place. This place still needs some tidying up so bear with me for a while. And oh I should also give it a new header huh?

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I haven’t driven a car for more than two months! Until today, that is…I decided that it is okay to leave Maddy at home with Daddy, while Mommy runs out for some need-to-do cut my frikkin overgrown hair!

So after her morning feed, I said bye bye to baby and left her in Daddy’s loving arms. I was actually a little wee bit jittery backing the car out from the garage (hey it’s been a while since U got behind the wheel ok!!) but was on my way to the salon in no time! 45 minutes and a nice trim later, I was back home and everything was fine!

Ah! More trips out perhaps? A facial maybe???? Hmmmm….

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In Loving Memory…

Of my uncle Dr Mak Kock Keng, who passed away peacefully on 21st May 2010.

In the midst of managing a new baby less than a month old then, I had not updated this news. Uncle lost his battle with a very rare cancer. Papa and my brother attended the funeral service in Sydney. I wished I could have been there to provide the much needed emotional support to Aunty and my cousins but that was not possible then.

Uncle had been an obgyn and what a great one he was; doing pro-bono work for those who needed it. He was the kindest and most generous person and loved by all family and friends. He managed to catch a glimpse of baby Madelyn via pictures. I only wished Maddy could have grown up to know him 😦