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Latest in Style: Babywearing

on July 24, 2010

It is funny how much more visible one gets when carrying a baby.

Everywhere I go, total strangers walk by, turn back and smile at me. Other mothers with babies give my a little nod and smile, as if there’s this unspoken bond and silent understanding which says “Ah..motherhood…it is nice is it not?”. Just this afternoon we were grocery shopping and Maddy was in her pouch sling and I so effortlessly struck up a conversation with a lady who was also carrying her three month old son in a sling while waiting for our husbands. Wow…since when did I become so sociable???? And I had to smile to almost everyone at every aisle because they keep smiling at me!

I suppose I don’t need a Chanel outfit or a Gucci bag to get noticed now. Just wear my baby…although the baby will end up being pricier. But then again neither the sleek Chanel dress nor that stylish Gucci purse will look me in the eye and give me the cutest toothless grin and make me feel like the most important person in the world…


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