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I Feel Like a Bad Mom!!

on July 28, 2010

I made Maddy cry so much this afternoon, her whole body went red and her voice went husky. I was trying to get her to bottle-feed and she was hating it so much she scream and scream her lungs out!

What made it worse was after I took the bottle away and held her close, she stopped crying and in between sobs she broke into a smile just like that. OMG…. Her love is so unconditional it broke my heart to think of what I put her through…


2 responses to “I Feel Like a Bad Mom!!

  1. whimsicaljottings says:

    You’re not a bad mom. *HUGS* You just want the best for her. She just doesn’t know it yet. Maddy sayangs you, thats for sure. 🙂

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