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September Soon!! Eeeekkk!!!

on August 2, 2010

September – the month I am supposed to put on proper clothes, actually powder my nose and get back to work!! Oh &@$%€£ no !!

That’s what I put in my leave for before I left to have Madelyn. It is amazing how swiftly a whole blardy month can swoosh by when one is busy feeding, cleaning, entertaining baby while feeding and entertaining two adult doggies who are little babies at heart AND not forgetting the cooking, keeping myself decent AND trying to reply emails and review documents from work…*big sigh*. I am dreading going back to work… I so cannot (read: Don’t Want) leave Maddy….

Well in actual fact, I KNOW for sure that I am unable to resume working fulltime in the office by September (yay!) because Maddy’s babysitter will not be available till probably end September. Ok ok ok … The point is, I have known this for a while but I was (and still am) too chicken shit to shoot that email out to my boss to request for a leave extension. Why?? Because somehow it makes me feel like …. well… somehow less of that go-getter dedicated engineer who would work at any hour to get the job done. I know that I do not have a choice but to have to extend my leave (yay!) but at the same time I think I am just worried about what people will think. As mentioned before, everyone else in my team works so hard (read: workaholic) so it makes me feel, you know…

Hmmm but I gotta get my post-baby butt moving and go write that email. Been putting it off too long now..


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