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Good Food Bad Food

on August 5, 2010

When it comes to food for me, I am particularly fussy about doing it right. Yup, no half hearted effort or trying to pass a biscuit as a pie kinda trick will do for me. I’d rather not eat if a meal isn’t properly prepared to be what it is supposed to be. Perhaps this is a trait I inherited from my super fussy Nyonya grandma, but I ain’t sorry for it.

So when we dropped by my favorite cafe for my all time favorite fish and chips in beer batter the other day, I was all excited like a kid! That was until the waitress plonked my plate of measly looking fish with some chips in front of me. For starters, that fish was not fried in beer batter. And secondly, the portions were minute! It was like batter with fish, not the other way around. The boiled carrots were not peeled so it tasted funny of skin. I was extremely disturbed but had to grudgingly eat it anyway. I hate it when eating outlets think that they can serve you something obviously so different (but not better!!) from how it used to be and pretend (or hope) that the customers don’t notice. What, do I look dumb to you??
Another thing that sets me off at food outlets is when they start to use substandard ingredients after a while and hope that we customers don’t notice and still charge that ridiculous price. For example, hubby and I felt like treating ourselves to some fancy dinner at the only Italian place we have here. We used to go there for pasta, pizza and nice desserts but less now because that place is rather pricey. But that one time was a few weeks before my due date and I wanted to stuff myself. Hubby ordered his favourite Caeser salad; something we used to order from there. But when the salad arrived I stared at it in horror! It was a few sad pieces of lettuce leaves-and these were the kind you see Chinese chefs put under greasy pai kut ong…not the coarse lettuce that you supposed to use for Caesar salad!! Those lettuce leaves were just tossed with dressing and like five pieces of bacon bits. All that for RM 20.90?!?!?!?! Are they kidding me???!!!! I told hubby we were never going back again.

Now do I have to cook everything????


One response to “Good Food Bad Food

  1. whimsicaljottings says:

    Ya ya! I hear you! I havent experienced such bad food/service here except for that one time where I blogged about it. In Msia, I think maybe I would have written to the mgmt OR blogged about it. Msians are more concerned when it comes to “face”.

    If you like that Italian place, and since its the only one, maybe next time dont order the salad anymore. Just the other stuff that’s better. And *hope* they dont change the stuff in there too. 😛

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