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Babi Asam

on August 10, 2010

I have been cooking simple meals lately and am getting bored with them….so this morning I decided to dig out my New Mrs Lee’s Cookbook: Nyonya Cuisine. This was a gift from a dear friend some time ago and I haven’t really made good use of it.

So I flipped through some recipes and came across a Nyonya meat stew made with pork and decided to try it, since I had some tender pork meat in the freezer.

Babi Asam is a simple stew of pork belly (or lean pork for the healthy folks) stewed in a thick sauce of tamarind pulp, fermented soy paste and shrimp paste. It’s quick enough to prepare and my three-month baby Madelyn was even nice enough to sit quietly by the kitchen door while I sliced, pounded and prepared this dish. The end result? A yummy stew with the tangy hint of the tamarind. Simply delicious! Here’s the recipe; courtesy of my cookbook, of course 🙂


600g pork belly

5 green chillies

3 red chillies

1.5 tbsp salted soy beans (taocheow)

1 rounded tbsp tamarind pulp

500ml water

5 tbsp oil

Sugar and salt to taste

Rempah (spices):

4 candlenuts

20 shallots

1 tbsp shrimp paste (belacan)


1. Rinse and cut pork belly into pieces

2. Slice the red and green chillies lengthwise

3. Pound the soy beans

4. Pound or blend the ingredients of the rempah

5. Heat oil in a wok in high heat, and stir fry the rempah until light brown and fragrant. Lower heat to a medium flame and sprinkle in some water

6. Add the salted soy beans, then the meat. After a few minutes sprinkle in some more water to prevent the mixture from burning. Add the tamarind paste, then bring to a boil. Cook until the liquid is reduced by half

7. Add the chillies and simmer until the pork is tender. Add sugar and salt to taste.


2 responses to “Babi Asam

  1. Oooh, looks very yummy, almost like rendang even. I happen to have all the ingredients at home, will I try it when I get back from Sweden.

    *Maddy was so well behaved, I can imagine her sitting there and watching you with her cute expression* 😀

    • Quen says:

      It is super easy! I think it might work well with chicken too. Must start trying the other recipes from the book…and will update them here!:)
      Yup Maddy was such a good girl..she only started wailing when I started to cook and by then hubby was home and could entertain her already he he

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