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Sleep Training Maddy: Day 3

on September 18, 2010

Morning Nap:
I am slowly weaning Maddy away from needing me to stand whenever rocking her to sleep. So this morning when she was sleepy, I just held her sitting down and gently rocked her. Of course the little missy started to protest and her displeased sobs quickly turned into angry cries. So I borrowed a part of the pickup/putdown method. I stood up to let het calm down, the moment she stopped crying I sat back down. She started crying again and I stood up again. Once she stopped I sat down again. I kept repeating that until she eventually got the idea and fell asleep even with me sitting down. It took perhaps five or six times of repeated up/down movements. Not bad, I must say. It prevented her from excessive crying and gave me some exercise :p
After that I put her down but she only slept for about 30 minutes before waking up again all bright and smiley.

Afternoon nap:
She fussed for quite a while, about 20 minutes , before finally falling asleep. Again, it was because she wanted me to stand while putting her to sleep. I did the up/down routine again which took me maybe 4-5 times before she stopped fussing. I only needed to hold her for about 5 minutes before she was fast asleep enough to be put down.
She slept for about two hours with minimal patting and I didn’t need to pick her up. Improvement!

The up/down routine is tiring, yes. Motherhood does require so much patience and dedication. But I find that it works well with Maddy…she just wants to be held and loved and it makes her calmer. This is Day 3…in time, Maddy will soon learn to sleep when being put down for naps..I know she will.


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