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Routine Change…Yet Again!

on October 29, 2010

Just when I thought I had gotten everything under control…Maddy decides to throw me another surprise by refusing to nap and crying pitifully each time I try to put her to nap..this started about a week ago. For nearly a month or more after I ‘sleep-trained’ her to fall asleep without being suckled, she had been sleeping so well..napping for 2-3 hours each in the morning and then early afternoon. But for the past week or so she began to fuss quite a lot while trying to nap. I am going back to work at the office next week so as much as I am feeling bad about it, I just have to refuse to suckle her and let her try to fall asleep on her own again. Of course, as before, I limit her crying to about 10-15minutes, or less if she starts to get really frantic. So far, it’s been bearable….today she cried for about 10minutes and eventually fell asleep. She has dragged her nap time to 11am lately…previously it’s always been by 10.30am she’s out. She is otherwise alert and totally happy and playful, so I decide to just let her play but by 11am I try to coax her to sleep. And to make sure that she isn’t hungry, I started bottle-feeding her so that she has warm milk in her tummy before her naps. Oh how I am going to miss suckling her when I am back at work 😦

In addition, Maddy seems uninterested in feeding lately…and neither is she crying out in hunger. She is in fact, happier than before! She is alert and still bouncing about happily so I will just let her be. I wonder if this lack of appetite and the extra fuss during nap/bedtime point to teething issues?


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