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Singapore Nov 2010: Family, Together…Priceless Indeed !

I should have written about this a month ago, but there was just too much to do between work and home that left me very little extra time after all the necessities were out of the way. But better late than never, they say! Hubby had to go to Singapore for a week late last month for some work-related training and I have been mentally and physically preparing myself to be home alone with Maddy for the whole 6 days that he was going to be away.

Then one day, two weeks prior to his trip, my brother made a random comment on how I should tag along and go stay with him (my brother and his family lives in Singapore) since Mum and Dad would be there too. What a brilliant idea! But alas I thought, I had just returned to work after 4 months of working from home and felt that it was not right for me to take a vacation so soon. Besides, air tickets from here to Singapore purchased two weeks before a trip was going to cost us lots of money.

Then I was at work and talking to my colleagues and supervisor about how nice it would be if indeed I could tag along and spend time with my whole family. Everyone was going to be there…Mummy, Dad, my brother, sis-in-law, niece and hubby, Maddy and myself. It would be one of those rare times when our family would be together. And my colleagues and surpervisor just said matter-of-factly – “Just Go”.

And the rest was history. No more what-ifs, no more wondering about late flight bookings etc. I spent the next 3-4 days rushing off to have my and Maddy’s international passports made (mine expired and I did not bother getting Maddy one since we didn’t plan for any international trips), bought our flight tickets at a ridiculous price and packed our little bags for the much anticipated trip! I was so excited at the thought of spending a whole week with my family! Hubby was so excited to have us with him there! Maddy was…well….I doubt she knew what was going on.

So off to Singapore we went. I spent almost a whole week bunking at my brother’s little apartment. The lack of extra rooms for Maddy and myself was not an issue…baby and me slept on the living room floor on my niece’s play mattress and we were just fine! I was so proud of my little girl at how easy she adapted to a new place. My parents were thrilled to have their two grandkids together under one roof. We went for breakfast every morning at the coffee shop nearby, then my dad would bring Maddy grocery shopping and stroll along the vegetable sellers and feel smug when strangers commented how adorable Maddy was (*smug*). Maddy made my mum so happy with her squeals and generous smiles and my heart felt as though it would burst from the sheer joy of it all! I cannot put it into words, but it was one of the most memorable trips ever. How silly of me to have hesitated initially about going. I would pay twice the ticket price to have that whole week again!

I spent almost all my time there at home and the remaining one and half days with Hubby cruising the streets of Orchard Road admiring the Christmas lights and indulged in some light shopping. Travelling with Maddy was indeed easy, there wasn’t much to pack as she was still nursing and would eat anything we put on a spoon. Shopping was also a breeze – most of the time she was in her Snuggbaby carrier – admiring her surroundings or snoozing. Oh she was (and still is) such a good baby!!! And I was impressed at the superb nursing/baby rooms available at most malls.

It was sad when the week ended and we had to return home. But I would definitely do it again – specially now that Air Asia will resume its MYY-SIN flights from January next year. Whoopee!

To my buddies in Singapore reading this, I apologize for not calling you up. I selfishly wanted to spend every single minute I had there with my family. Next time, yea? And Zaireen, I have your number from Angel and we must do ayam penyet date next time I am over there, okay?

P/S: I will put up some photos later. 😀

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The Irony of It

I was a generally shy, quiet and reserved kid. I would squirm at the thought of public speaking or anything at all that involved standing in front of a group of people. As the years went by and I grew up and into my job, I that feeling of stage fright and nervous shivers slowly disappeared. Being in a multinational company and having to deal with service people, managers and government agencies really does not give me a lot of choices but to have to speak up and be bold.

But of course, I still hated public speaking.

Then one day, my then supervisor told me that I had to go facilitate a workshop. I politely declined but he pushed on, and I had to do it anyway..while pacifying myself that it would be a one-off thing. I went to run another, then another and another.

Despite of my initial reluctance, I found that I was good at it…and up till today, I am still doing a lot of it and I quite enjoy it. How ironic, and to think that I was so upset before.

Thank you, PH…for pushing me then and helping me find my way.

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Sippy Sip!

Maddy is 7 months and 2 weeks old and today she started drinking water from a straw cup! She is achieving milestones so fast indeed! She would sip water slowly through the straw, stop and then if amused that her fav drink could come out from that strange plastic hollow stick! Cute! 🙂

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A Prayer

Dear God

As I lie awake tonight, I think about all the good things that You have granted me, and I thank You….

For my parents’ good health and well being. May they be blessed with happy days ahead and may my Daddy’s eye cataract be okay soon.

For my beautiful sleeping child next to me. May she grow up happy, healthy and blessed with a good future…may she be respectful, kind and gentle and may her sweet happy smile bring happiness to someone’s gloomy days

For my loving husband, who has been totally wonderful and bring me so much laughter in our lives together

For my good friends, who have been with me for years and years through playschool, exams, teen crushes, first heartbreak, weddings, loss and birth..may we also brave through middle age and wrinkles and weak knees together

Thank you for a good life, then and now and hopefully tomorrow.

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Madelyn: Spotted!

Madelyn turned 7 months and got chicken pox!

Although spotted all over her body, she was still as happy and squealy and giggly as usual. Ah… my strong little girl hardly ever fussed throughout the 3 days that the pox was at its worst. I suppose now we do not have to worry about her getting it when she is older and she does not need the vaccination too!

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