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The Irony of It

on December 21, 2010

I was a generally shy, quiet and reserved kid. I would squirm at the thought of public speaking or anything at all that involved standing in front of a group of people. As the years went by and I grew up and into my job, I that feeling of stage fright and nervous shivers slowly disappeared. Being in a multinational company and having to deal with service people, managers and government agencies really does not give me a lot of choices but to have to speak up and be bold.

But of course, I still hated public speaking.

Then one day, my then supervisor told me that I had to go facilitate a workshop. I politely declined but he pushed on, and I had to do it anyway..while pacifying myself that it would be a one-off thing. I went to run another, then another and another.

Despite of my initial reluctance, I found that I was good at it…and up till today, I am still doing a lot of it and I quite enjoy it. How ironic, and to think that I was so upset before.

Thank you, PH…for pushing me then and helping me find my way.


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