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Madelyn @ 8 months 3 weeks

I haven’t been updating this blog for a while partly because any time that I had after work when I am cleaning or cooking, I spent it with my family. Maddy has just gone to bed and I think I will do a quick one for tonight, blog that is :p

We are now 8 months and 3 weeks into parenthood. Maddy has grown so much since my last post. Let’s see…she started crawling in early December, standing up with support 3 weeks after and is now speeding around the house in her walker. Her favorite trick is her ET finger thing where she brings up her index finger and we do the same and bring them together and go TING and she would grin so widely. She started clapping her hands a week ago.

Our little girl is such a good eater, in the sense that she loves her vege and is very rarely fussy with food. And she is still nursing well and is a picture of perfect health! At almost 9 months old she is about 9 kilos and making my arms ache 🙂

She is growing too fast! Oh how I wish time will slow down…slow down please!

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