Breezing through life and loving every moment…


…is when…

There are housechores to be done and nobody else is around to do them but myself

Food needs to be prepared for baby and I am in the middle of chopping / cleaning and

Baby cries her lungs out

I have a deep cut on my finger which is hurting like crazy doing the washing, cleaning blah blah

Dog suddenly has fleas from goodness knows where and I need to find a moment to zip outside and manage that but oh wait … Baby is crying her lungs out whenever I leave her

Mind is worried about the million and one things to be done come next working day

And I realize there isn’t any lunch for me to eat apart from crackers and I am starving..

God, please give me the strength (and patience) to go through just this one more day…

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Blessed indeed to be loved by family and friends, to have food and drink served at every request, to have health and strength to face each new day, to wake up and fall asleep with the fresh scent of a sleepy baby and to be given a hug each day.

I am blessed indeed.

Good night…..*sniffffffffffff*


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Lazy Sunday

It’s been drizzling all morning and after a quick spin to town and back to get a screen protector on my iPad (yes my new toy from my birthday!!) and an early lunch, we are back home to enjoy the rest of the weekend lazing around. Maddy dozed off in the car on the way back and is now continuing her morning nap beside me. Here she is still in her pajamas full of squirel prints!


Just a quick update, her first birthday came and went without much fuss. My parents and brother flew over to celebrate with her and despite being down with a fever that day she did have a good time regardless. We got cupcakes with a tortoise made from fresh cream on the top (she had a thing for tortoises then) and sang her a birthday song. Just us – family.

A week later she developed yet another episode of high fever which came and went for about five days. But the little champ rode through it without much fuss and we were so proud of her! I believe that her being a breastfed baby made all the difference and I will continue to give her breastmilk at least for a further six months. After all, if I still can, why not?

Do you know that now she naps so easily and soundly on her own? Remember those days when it took so much effort to put her down for naps? Maddy now just falls asleep so easily and takes 2-3 hour naps each twice a day. I am so glad indeed I listened to my instinct and let her grow and settle at her own pace. And with everything else, she proved to us yet again that she will adapt when the time comes. Next will be potty training and her sleeping through the night without needing me for comfort. Although it does feel nice to be needed 🙂

To all my faithful readers out there, welcome back to my blog and I hope all is well at your side of the world!

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Gone and Back!

It’s been so long since my last post. With work and hubby being away I barely had time in between chores and Maddy. I drafted a few posts but never really finished them because I had wanted to make them perfect and worthwhile. What the heck…I think I will just write whatever that comes to my mind and will try to update as much as possible from now on.

As a start, Madelyn is now one year old!


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