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Weekend Soon!

Wednesday today. Hubs been away for almost three weeks and I am finally bored out of my brains at home. Not that Maddy is not being good company, oh yes she is…but well, the lack of grown up conversation and that extra pair of helping hands is something I would like to do without soon. :-/

So tonight, I decided to snap out of my Maddy and Me nights and invited two close friends over for dinner. We had a good chat and it was good company. Maddy was being such a well behaved girl by playing happily in her high chair or wandering around the house doing her stuff, while the big girls gossiped about things at work.

Tomorrow, I am planning to pile on some grease by treating myself to some KFC takeaway meal and a nice dessert. And on Friday evening I will bring Maddy to the boat club and let her walk around the beach since the low tide now brings up a wonderful stretch of firm clean sand. Can’t wait to snap some pictures of my little cutie on the beach!

And on Saturday *crosses fingers really hard* Hubby will FINALLY be home!! :))

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Snapshots From the Past: Paperboats & Puddles

What a rainy night it is tonight…heavy ran failing in sheets outside. But I oh so love rainy nights, specially when I am tucked warm in bed with my sleeping baby beside me. I have always loved the rain; its calming steady sound against the roof, the distant rumble of thunder and the smell of the wet earth and leaves.

Rain makes puddles. And there are no better puddles than the ones that appeared around the garden of our old house back home. We had a huge garden and the house was surrounded by a network of shallow and deep drainage system to channel away rain water. Perhaps it was because our house was so old that the drains did not do a very good job during heavy downpours, so there would always be big puddles of water everywhere in the garden.

I love love love the puddles! Especially the extra large ones which appeared during very heavy rain. As a child, I had the weirdest imagination. I would imagine us living by the edge of a large lake and would throw stones into the puddles to create ripples and imagine them to be wavelets on the lake. I was fixated with ripples! I remember that well. The larger the puddle, the better the ripples. The more excited I would get. Odd, I know.

Mom would always fold paper boats for me to sail on the puddles during rainy days. She made large ones and little ones and I would launch my fleet of boats into my imaginative lake. I would use a stick to create ripples and watch them bob along and jump for joy.

Nowdays house gardens are so well drained that we hardly find puddles anymore….there are good soil, underground drainage….all sorts of landscaping technologies. These are meant to be an improvement to muddy gardens and waterlocked compounds, of course. But alas, it also means an end to children splashing around water, digging muddy holes for make-believe treasures and launching imaginary fleets of ship. I should perhaps bring Maddy to our local lake in the park to sail paper boats…but then again I might get fined for littering.

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Ladybird Ladybird Where Are You?

I seem to recall that during my younger days, one of our many favorite things to do was going in search of ladybirds. Back then, it was so easy to find ladybirds on a leaf in a garden plant. My friends and I would place a finger next to the ladybird and had it crawl onto our palms for a while. It was a fun thing to do back then.

I have not seen a ladybird in my garden nor any back home. Have they all gone away, disappeared due to our changing weather and environment? Or have I just been too busy with life and over looking these little red cuties?

Where are you, little ladybird?

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Snapshots From the Past: Bedtime & Stories

While in a conversation with my dearest friend lately, I realized that I have so many wonderful childhood memories that are just too precious to be forgotten. So I thought what better way to remember them if not to write them down to be read and re-read….and for a start, here is a snippet from my days as a sleepy little girl, sharing a room with my beloved late Grandma…

When I was a little girl, I shared a room with my grandma. We lived in grandma’s old house – all of us – papa, mom, my brother, grandma and myself. It was a renovated wooden kampung style house on stilts. As a girl, I slept in Grandma’s huge room (or at least back then it seemed so). We didn’t have beds, and it did not struck me as odd. I just accepted that was the way it was. My parents’ room and everyone else’s room had a bed each. But grandma preferred to sleep on the wooden floor, lined with a traditional rattan mat. So naturally I just went along with this. Every night, Grandma would unroll her mat (which during the daytime would be neatly kept in a corner behind the door), then place a sheet of thick wooly material over it as a sleeping surface. Then she would arrange her square pillow, bolster and blanket. I would do the same for my own side. After a while, I began to start helping her, a few minutes before bedtime, I would quietly go upstairs to our room while Grandma was still watching TV. And I would unroll the mats, line the mat with the sleeping material and arrange all the pillows and blankets. So that when Grandma came into the room, her sleeping area would be ready for her. She never thanked me, but I suppose in her own way she was grateful for this little eager grand daughter.

Grandma would tell me bedtime stories every night before we went to sleep. They were not typical stories in books or fairytales of princesses and princes. Oh but they were wonderful tales of magic talking animals and quaint tales of strange lands. I cannot fully recall those stories but there was one about a bird who told lies and had its tongue caught up in a branch of a tree in a storm. Strange, I know. But from our room window, I could see a big old raintree across the road and Grandma would say “There! Bird told lies and got its tongue pulled over there!” and I would squint and try to imagine it amongst the lush leaves. Oh how she fueled my childlike imagination!

Grandma and I slept side by side on the floor mat. Sometimes she would roll over and hug me in her sleep. Sometimes she rolled over me. Many times I remember waking up groggy to the sound of torrential ran outside and Grandma pulling the blanket up to my chin. Once I woke up to total darkness because there was a power outage and I yelled “Grandma I am blind!!!” and she said “silly silly girl” and lit her oil lamp.

I remember Grandma always putting her palms together for a final night prayer just before she shut her eyes to sleep. And when I was old enough to understand, I asked her, what did she pray for every night. She said she prayed for protection and for our family. And up to this day, I say the exact same prayer every night before I go to sleep.

But with the addition, Grandma…I hope you are happy where you are.

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