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Weekend Soon!

on June 22, 2011

Wednesday today. Hubs been away for almost three weeks and I am finally bored out of my brains at home. Not that Maddy is not being good company, oh yes she is…but well, the lack of grown up conversation and that extra pair of helping hands is something I would like to do without soon. :-/

So tonight, I decided to snap out of my Maddy and Me nights and invited two close friends over for dinner. We had a good chat and it was good company. Maddy was being such a well behaved girl by playing happily in her high chair or wandering around the house doing her stuff, while the big girls gossiped about things at work.

Tomorrow, I am planning to pile on some grease by treating myself to some KFC takeaway meal and a nice dessert. And on Friday evening I will bring Maddy to the boat club and let her walk around the beach since the low tide now brings up a wonderful stretch of firm clean sand. Can’t wait to snap some pictures of my little cutie on the beach!

And on Saturday *crosses fingers really hard* Hubby will FINALLY be home!! :))


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