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Oh What A Day!

on March 12, 2012

Finally, I can put my feet up tonight and rest against a soft pillow in almost total silence, except for the faint but calming humming of the air conditioner. Madelyn’s rythmic breathing accompanying my tap tapping on the keyboard. It has been a long and tiring day today and I just need to rant for a little bit.

To begin with, I had a busy day at work, running all over for meetings and discussions, and frantically trying to find time to squeeze in two sessions of pumping at the mother’s room. Oh, and did I mention that I woke up with a cracked nipple out of no where this morning so I had to hand expressed one side in an attempt not to aggravate it more so that it will heal fast enough for Maddy to nurse tonight? And in between work over lunchtime, I rushed back home to sort out last night’s dishes (because with hubby being away, I try not to spend too much in the evenings fiddling around the kitchen – I would just do the bare minimum of cooking and cleaning up and leave the sorting out for the next day lunchtime when I am alone without Maddy so that I can spend more time
managing her in the evenings), then prepare Maddy’s dinner for tonight and gobbled up my lunch. Oh and did I forget to meantion now that we do not have our weekly cleaner, I come home over lunch to vacuum/mop/tidy the house?

The hubby is away for the whole week in another continent so I am on duty to drop and pick up Maddy from daycare/playschool (yes, she has been there since the nanny was unable to work due to a health problem). Maddy decided to sob all the way home from daycare because she wanted to jump on the slides or something like that, but I would not let her because we had to leave before traffic got bad during after office rush hour. Then when we got home, she was o-kay for a few minutes then started to be cranky again and stuck to me like velcro, making it rather difficult to dish out her dinner or clean up whatever it was that I had to clean up.

So after having to spend my lunchtime cooking her dinner, she refused to eat it tonight. Being considerate and remembering some wise parenting article which said I should not force her and respect her ‘No’s, her dinner finally went to two happy dogs instead. I gave her some fruits, which she actually ate an almost full portion of it so that was fine. After which, she started to cry out of no where and I had to drop everything and hold her. I managed to give her a bath, which she rather enjoyed then while her mood was still okay, I cleaned up and had cereal and milk, some two-day old potato and egg salad and cut papayas for dinner. I found those in the fridge and reckoned all together they made up most of the recommended dietary requirements for my day.

It was almost 8.30pm by then which was almost bedtime (yippeeeeee!!!) when little miss I-am-not-done-making-your-day-miserable decided to throw up part of her dinner all over her face and hair while I was changing her diaper lying down. Soooooo….alright……off we went again into the cleaning routine except this time there a soiled towel to wash. I should look at the bright side that it actually happened on the changing table so the impact was localized. Sighhhhh….

After all thaaaaaaaattttt………she finally calmed down, nursed and fell asleep almost immediately. Cracked nipple felt o-kay (please let it heal overnight!) and Maddy is asleep now….perhaps she was not hungry or having slight tummy upset or I don’t know. It is always a challenge to try to figure out the things that actually bother her for she is still unable to tell me every single thing she feels/needs. For that, I try not to judge her or get too upset. I am sure sometimes the whines or sobs or tantrums mean something.

But at the same time….I am oh so glad the day is finally over! Good night !


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