Breezing through life and loving every moment…


on March 13, 2012

Today started out pretty well and almost ended okay too, until halfway through dinner Maddy got fussy and refused to eat much more than a few spoonfuls again. I put on a stern face and did not want to give in, which of course resulted in her crying and not finishing her dinner anyway. I painstakingly prepared grilled fish served with a side of mashed potatoes, still she barely touched the fish and took only a few spoonfuls of the mash. I was undoubtedly disappointed and frustrated. I gave her a small portion of yogurt which thankfully she finished without much fuss and plenty of water as I thought her head felt a little warmer than usual – not fever hot but just warm.

After her evening bath, I managed to coax her into taking her usual bottle of milk and then right after lights out and barely a minute of nursing, she was out. I put my palm on her forehead and she felt rather warm again, took her temperature and oh goodness me it was 38.6 degrees C! She was having a slight fever. I woke her up, which of course made her a little cranky, fed her her meds and she is now asleep again. Now that I think about it, perhaps she is teething and hence the reduced appetite and fever? I am feeling like a horrible mom now to have been so nasty to her earlier.


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