Breezing through life and loving every moment…


on October 16, 2012

Why do I seem to be raising my voice at Maddy so often? Because she decides to throw her toys all over the place and refuse to pick them up? Because she spits out her food for fun? Because she knows she isn’t supposed to play with my phone and yet she does it just to tick me off? Because she does not want to drink her milk? Because she refuses to wear what I picked out for her in the mornings? Because it makes her happy to jump on the sofa when it is supposed to be time for her nap? Or because she just wants to be held and refuses to be put down?

All those look kind of trivial now that I have them listed down, eh? She is, after all, just a toddler. Not even three years old. And yet I yell at her and sometimes the irrational parent in me makes me raise my palm to her. And make her cry. And in between sobs later, she asks to be held by me again, despite it being me who made her cry.

Today I promise myself and her, that I will not yell but only explain. I will not walk off in anger, but I will listen. I will not spank but I will hold her close. Today, and hopefully for many more days to come, we will try to have some peace at home. 


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