Breezing through life and loving every moment…

Being Me

Being LIQ is…

Being a good and loving daughter to my wonderful papa and mommy, who still think I am their little ‘ah girl’

Being the cheeky younger sis to a brother who still spoils me and calls me his little brat

Being a loving wife, patient partner, housekeeper and live-in-cook to the most wonderful hubby in the world (the only one I have anyway… :P)

Being provider of food, groomer and hugger to two furry four-legged barking, drooling and licking creatures

Being an engineer who tries to prevent oil & gas platforms from blowing up

Being a good listener, lending a helping hand and a touch of kindness to those wonderful people known as friends

Being nice…. mostly


3 responses to “Being Me

  1. elainegan says:

    Lol, i just realized that we have the same theme for our blogs! 🙂

  2. elainegan says:

    Lol, we have the same theme for our blogs! This is the best among all varities so far. 🙂

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