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The Bucket List

I think it is time that I actually put down somewhere the list of things that I would like to achieve before I check out from Earth…been having some floating in mynhead and appearing in my thoughts from time to time. So as a start, here are some, I will update this list when new ones come up hee hee

1. Have curly short Halle Berry hair – almost wanted to do so a million times at the hairdresser’s but darrrnnnnnnn it! No guts!

2. Own a totally new set of kitchen appliances, pots and pans, dishes etc. – just for the heck of it since I have been using hand-me-downs for like….forever! This shall include a set of mugs and glasses and they must all look the same! Yes I am freaky…

3. Spend a few years as a Stay At Home Wife/Mom – time is running out for this…

4. Dine at a celebrity chef restaurant – none of those itsy bitsy arty farty kinda dishes, please.

5. Take a family vacation; mum, dad, brother and our families – easier said than done but MUST do soon!!

6. Visit Scotland again

7. Live in Singapore, again

8. Own a library, at home – this was inspired by a friend who recently invited us to her new home, complete with a roomful of books, floor to ceiling shelves on 3 walls filled with books, books and more books! I would like that some day

More to come…….

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