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Away From It All?

No, we are not on fact on the contrary. Well, hubby is away again for the second time leaving baby and myself home alone for the weekend. He’s attending a close friend’s wedding in another town, which leaves me alone for two days with my thoughts (and Maddy). Why didn’t he bring us? would take a 2.5 hour flight followed by another 3 hour car ride, and repeat that the next day for the way back. We thought Maddy isn’t yet ready for that journey.

So I have two whole days alone at home with Maddy. As usual, it wasn’t easy but manageable. I would say that to be able to cook two meals and have two proper showers while with a 4-month old baby probably means I have a good little girl here. But I am also realizing that all my time is spent either on her or work. I do not have a social life anymore, apart from the occasional tea or gatherings at a friend’s house. I wonder if I am slowly being consumed by this new role and abandoning my previous self? I miss gossip sessions with my friends. I miss sleepovers. I miss spur-of-the-moment trips. I miss shopping for myself! I get off currently by scrutinizing websites selling the Prada and Gucci of baby carriers!

Time to smack myself to remind me of who I was before. While motherhood is a wonderful fulfilling new life, I think that it should be an improvement to who I was? Not leaving everything else behind. I am still a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend and an employee. Must remember that conversations do not only revolve around baby and diapers. The world is a bigger place with more news than what Maddy does everyday.

I think by remembering that and striking a balance will make me a better mother, a better woman.

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Nasi Ulam Mania #2

I kid you not when I wrote some time ago that I am crazy over all food fresh throughout this pregnancy. Today again, I decided to make nasi ulam for dinner and this time did a variation of it with some added extra condiments – fried tau kwa (hard tofu) and a special sauce to go with the rice. Nasi ulam from Southern Thailand that my late grandma used to buy from the Siamese temples during festivities always came with this sauce, but we never really knew what went into it. Although, this much we do know – it is a mixture of fermented fish sauce, palm sugar and spices. So for tonight I added fish sauce, palm sugar, kaffir lime leaves, garlic and some shallots and boiled it for a few minutes. Tasted good to us !

I made an effort with the rice: steamed with 'blue bunga telang water' and pandan for that extra fragrance

Little treasures around the plate: cucumber, fried taukwa, salted fish, bunga kantan and finely sliced fresh herbs

Fish sauce palm sugar mix

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Thai-style Glass Noodle Salad

Incredibly simple and snappy on a lazy Sunday lunch when I just wanted to whip up something to fill my belly – and not wanting to go out get more ingredients! Just use ingredients that are in my pantry/fridge/storage. Took me about 15minutes from start to my first mouthful.


A piece of chinese dried meat (bak kua) – finely chopped. Original recipe calls for fried minced meat

Carrot and cucumber – finely sliced

A handful of mint leaves and coriander – coarsely chopped

Toasted peanuts – coarsely pounded

Half a pack glass noodles – soaked in boiling water till soft and drained

Chilli flakes, brown sugar, lime juice and fish sauce – to taste


Toss all ingredients together to mix and serve!

How simple is that! I have seen variations of this with cooked seafood or more herbs. Just experiment with it! It’s a light and healthy salad, just filling enough till the next snack time 😀


Herb Garden

I am so pleased with my herb stash today. Went by a friend’s house to pick up a basil plant, but in the end came back with lemongrass, sireh, ulam raja, green tea, kesum and 3 types of chillies. All of which will come in handy during the post-natal period later. Splendid. Not to mention, in a few weeks’ time after they’ve grown nice and well, I can pretty much walk to our backyard and pluck herbs for cooking…anytime.

Geez…this is what living in a small town with too much time on your hands do to you…you get excited over mundane stuff like this…. will snap a pic later when they’ve grown a little 🙂

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Sun Worshipper

At 10 am this morning… basking in the bright morning sunshine…

Rub some sun lotion on me baby...

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Kurang Ajar!

…(lack of education/improper upbringing)…

That is is what I really feel like saying to the next door kids right now! I have been noticing empty drinks cans and boxes scattered occasionally on the lawn along my side our share fence for quite some time now. Initially I thought perhaps those were from the contractors who were working either at our place or theirs (still unforgiveable but I will close one eye since I thought that was only short term) but then after everything else settled down…. the cans/boxes still started to appear from time to time. I have been keeping mum about for a while because I still gave them the benefit of the doubt… but today there it was again! Another empty can on our lawn, and this time I am VERY FRIKKIN SURE it did not come from anywhere else but THEIR side.

I picked it up and chucked it into the bin this time, but next time….hmmm…next time I am going to stick a note on the can/box and sarcastic write a “Please refrain from throwing your rubbish into our garden” blah blah and throw it back.

Oooo…..I cannot wait !! *evil grin*

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Have you heard of the latest in total fitness ? Catching your siestas while practicing your yoga too!

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Say Bonjour! To Freshly Baked Bread

Did I not mention my  newest coolest toy in the kitchen?

Introducing my automatic breadmaker… it is so idiot proof it is unbelievable! As long as one can measure up baking ingredients and follow instructions and then use the finger to press START, you are set!

My newest toy in the kitchen!

Oh yes, if you are wondering about that dent there, it happened when I dragged this machine back  from Singapore. It actually belonged to my mum, who passed it to my brother in Singapore, who now does not use it anymore. So I had to stuff it into my luggage during my last trip there and well, it got dented. But hey…it still works fine 😛

Anyway, once you press START and pop the lid on, about 3 to 4 hours later, you will have the heavenly aroma of freshly baked bread !

First trial results - basic white bread

....which I made garlic bread with for dinner that night...simply yummy!

Of course, from time to time I would like to make things from scratch with my hands… but hey, who doesn’t love a little help from technology sometimes?

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House Arrest!

The haze is so bad in Miri for the past week or so, and this weekend, it got worse. I am stuck at home longing to be outside with my cup of tea and book but alas it is not possible. Breathing in smokey air first thing in the morning doesn’t sound very attractive at all.

So here I am, confined within the house wondering what to do for the rest of this Sunday. The usual weekly chores are done and I have no spill-over work to be completed. I think perhaps I will go and re-arrange my bookshelf….blehhhhhh….boriing….

*Cough Cough Hack Hack*

*Cough Cough Hack Hack*

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My Best One Yet…

Another one of mom's orchids....(brought over from home)

Another one of mom's orchids....(brought over from home)

Been waiting for this to grow and flower for slightly more than a year. Alas! The much awaited bloom unfolds!

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