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I Want To Remember This…

I may not be able to find time enough to write much lately, but I reckon I should write these memories down so that I will never forget them….

My sweet heart Madelyn is now 18 months old and if it is ever possible, becoming more lovely each day. This afternoon, while I was about to fall asleep next to her (we have been taking naps together on weekends), she rolled over to my side, smiled so sweetly and put her hand on my cheek. I closed my eyes to encourage her to fall asleep and suddenly I felt her cool lips on my cheek and then seconds later she planted another affectionate kiss on my lips. My heart just exploded into a thousand pieces with all the sudden surge of motherly love. I cannot begin to describe just how warm and fuzzy it made me feel inside.

Later in the evening, we took a stroll along the beach and stood in the water with the waves rolling in about our ankles. She was so excited! “Here it comes!!” I said, as the waves rolled in and splashed about our ankles. She squealed and giggled and held on to my hand. Her little pudgy hand in mine…holding tight as if afraid the waves might wash her away. Her expression, so full of joy…made my heart swell again. “Here it comes!” And she laughed out loud again and again.

As we began to walk back to the car, she looked up and grinned and rattled on in baby chatter. Hand in hand, we walked with our backs against the setting sun…Madelyn’s round little bum swish-swishing against the orange light. It was a good evening indeed.

And now as she huddled close to me fast asleep, oblivious to the thunderstorm outside, I cannot help but feel the strongest need to protect my little girl. Sleep tight my love, mummy’s here to keep you warm. Mummy’s here to love you till the end of everything.

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I Love It When…

… I saw tears at the corner of my mother’s eyes because she was laughing so hard watching her grand daughter’s cheeky tricks

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I Love It When…

… I wake up in the middle of the night ti find Maddy’s chubby cheeks pressed against mine and the soft hush of her breathing in slumber close to my ear 🙂

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I Love It When….

…. Maddy thinks she has done something wrong and comes running to me making her “mmmmmmmmm??” sound as if to say “Why did it break, mommy? Was it me?”

Just earlier tonight she was playing with my breast pump when suddenly the battery cover came off. She picked it up from the floor, lifted it up to me and went “Mmmmm?”

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