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I am slowly counting down the days till hubby returns from his business trip. Here I am again sitting in the dark typing and hoping that the little one will be okay throughout the night.
She woke up slightly warm again and a little cranky, whining as she followed me around the house while I frantically got things ready for work and filled her daycare bag with the usual daily essentials. By the time I managed to pick her up, she was obviously upset and not the happy smiley little girl she usually is in the mornings. She almost wailed all the way to daycare except halfway through she just stared blankly out of the window quietly. The poor girl must be miserable to the max.

Thankfully no calls from daycare throughout the day, which meant that she was almost her usual self with no obvious illness, except that she was just a little warmer than usual. The teachers said that she ate well and drank plenty of water, which was a good thing. She is not drinking her milk as much there, but I suppose I can accept that as long as she eats her other meals well.

Back home, was when the craziness started. Maddy refused to be left alone even for a few minutes and I nursed her for a while right after I dump my bags onto the floor. She fell asleep and I let her take a shuteye for perhaps half an hour before I had to gently wake her up to prepare her dinner. Needless to say, she started whining again and I had to carry her around the house. The slight fever was making her cranky, but at the same time being the only adult at home, there were things that I just HAD to do. So, with one arm cradling Maddy, I prepared her dinner and other stuff around the kitchen. By the end of it all, my arm was killing me. I managed to distract her a little by letting her ‘help’ me with the laundry, after which she demanded to be carried again.

Dinner was less of a fight compared to yesterday, but only slightly. I managed to coax her into finishing some porridge with pumpkin and fish, halfway through which she demanded to be held and I fed her while sitting on my lap. Oh well….whatever works…..I was exhausted by then. She had to eat something. I had cereal for dinner. Whatever works….

Dishes are still in the sink, she would not let me turn my back on her…I tried putting her in the baby chair next to the sink, but within minutes she started wailing. I did not want to aggravate her further considering she was still slightly feverish…so the dishes would have to wait till tomorrow as usual, I will be back over lunch to clean up.

Maddy is also having a slight diaper rash, which is now an additional item on my list of concerns. She never had it as an infant, so why now? Nothing is helping. Oh gosh…

Such is the life of a ‘single’ parent for the week. Please come home soon, daddy of my child.

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Today started out pretty well and almost ended okay too, until halfway through dinner Maddy got fussy and refused to eat much more than a few spoonfuls again. I put on a stern face and did not want to give in, which of course resulted in her crying and not finishing her dinner anyway. I painstakingly prepared grilled fish served with a side of mashed potatoes, still she barely touched the fish and took only a few spoonfuls of the mash. I was undoubtedly disappointed and frustrated. I gave her a small portion of yogurt which thankfully she finished without much fuss and plenty of water as I thought her head felt a little warmer than usual – not fever hot but just warm.

After her evening bath, I managed to coax her into taking her usual bottle of milk and then right after lights out and barely a minute of nursing, she was out. I put my palm on her forehead and she felt rather warm again, took her temperature and oh goodness me it was 38.6 degrees C! She was having a slight fever. I woke her up, which of course made her a little cranky, fed her her meds and she is now asleep again. Now that I think about it, perhaps she is teething and hence the reduced appetite and fever? I am feeling like a horrible mom now to have been so nasty to her earlier.

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