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Gone and Back!

It’s been so long since my last post. With work and hubby being away I barely had time in between chores and Maddy. I drafted a few posts but never really finished them because I had wanted to make them perfect and worthwhile. What the heck…I think I will just write whatever that comes to my mind and will try to update as much as possible from now on.

As a start, Madelyn is now one year old!


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Madelyn is 3 Months Old!

Yes! My little girl is one quarter into her first year! Imagine that! She marked the third month of her infant year with the following:

1. My baby can lift her head AND shoulders while on her belly!! She surprised us today by just suddenly lifting herself off the playpen when I flipped her over for some tummy time. Previously the past week she was just barely lifting her head and would start complaining after half a minute or so….then suddenly today she lifted her whole head and shoulders too!!! Wowee!!!

2. She laughed at me today! Like a real “You look dumb in that dress, Mommy” kinda laugh! YAY!

3. And she gained slightly more than kilo since her last weigh-in a month ago! My chubby porky pie is now a 5.8kg bundle of shrieks, giggles and wriggles….

Seen in this picture is her (latest) bizarre habit of holding the left side of any seat she is in….my little ‘big tauke” he he …..

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December: Reflections, Xmas Trees and Weddings!

It is a week to Christmas 2009! And I still have not yet brought down our little tree from the storage room. Okay okay… since this is the long weekend (the first of 3ย  in a row in Dec!) I should do it at least by tomorrow. It is time to add a little more cheer to our relatively quiet household, I think.

The holiday seasons are usually a quiet affair for us. Most of our little getaway trips are planned during off peak season so when the most people are on holidays, we would be home just lazing around enjoying days off work. No difference for this year, Christmas next week I am planning for an intimate steamboat dinner for two (oops! actually two and a half) at home. Yup I have perfected the art of cooking for two, steamboats included. Most people find it most perplexing actually… but it can be done lah!

Anyway, I am suddenly realizing that this will be our last ‘quiet’ end-of-the-year celebration. Post April next year, our lives are going to change big time! There will be extra chores added, more things to think about and not forgetting a little person to watch over, take care of and love. I cannot for the life of me yet now imagine how things are going to be, but they will be good ๐Ÿ™‚

December as it turns out this year, is a month of weddings. I have sinced attended three in the last 2 weekends and a hen’s night for a friend on the way. How life has evolved for us! We now are attending functions as a young couple expecting our first bundle of joy! And secretly inside I love showing off my little bump and having the little munchkin kick.

Meanwhile, one of the weddings we attended recently was of my ex colleague’s son’s. In Miri, it is not uncommon that families are made up of different cultural backgrounds and this one was of a Chinese-Kelabit parentage. It was probably one of the most entertaining wedding dinners that I have ever been to! There were traditional musicians with sape playing in the background (no taped music, mind you….original punya ok…), ngajat performed by boys as young as 10 years old in full traditional warrior costume and enchanting dances from the Kayan and Kelabit ladies in brilliant beaded outfits. This is what I love about living in East Malaysia sometimes… tradition is kept alive in everyday lives – be it in weddings or just your average grandmother with her heirloom brass earring having a casual brunch in town.The church wedding blessing ceremony I went to this morning had a sape player in its band! Now that’s what I call embracing culture!

Traditional Kayan dance where the ladies plait up a few colorful strings of cloth as they move effortlessly in sequence

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season everyone ! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Tagged: My Five Senses

I have been tagged quite some time ago by Whimsical and honestly at first, I was not quite sure what to do… so after checking around other blogs, I think I pretty got it…sort of…so here goes…!


Rule # 1 I am supposed to display this tag on my blog

Rule # 2 Post the rules (which is what I am doing now)

Rule #3 Link back to the blog that tagged you (Okay…)

Rule # 4 Make a list of the 5 senses and what each one represents for me

Rule # 5 Tag 5 other blogs and let them know! (Hmm….a little tricky there…but I will try)

My 5 senses are:

Sight:ย  Wide open spaces with rolling green hills and swaying trees

Smell: The fresh smell of electrically charged air and the washed out world after a thunderstorm!

Taste: Simple home cooked meals

Feelย  : The soft smooth cotton of the one faithful pillow I cannot sleep without!

Hear : Gurgling water

I tag:

Forbidden Fruit





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Air Asia now flies to Singapore direct from Miri !

Exciting news….yes?

Yes, truly exciting… for us folks having relatives in Sg or just simply long to go spend some hard-earned $$ shopping for things which we may or may not really need. ๐Ÿ™‚

For those reading this post and thinking, “What’s the big deal??”

Come live and work here for 7 years … and I’ll ask you the same question back…

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Babies Galore!

Three newborns from three friends this week!

Congratulations to Grace, Wid and Miz. Welcome babies Ava, Suri and Adam! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 โ€“ June 25, 2009)

Those like myself, who grew up in the seventies and eighties, probably grew up listening to chart toppers like ‘Beat It’ and ‘Thriller’. Sung by who else, but the legendary Michael Jackson. Well, he’s been around for as long as I could recall, since memories started forming in my head. Michael Jackson passed away yesterday, and made headlines worldwide.

Taken from the Daily Telegraph online:

MICHAEL Jackson has died after suffering what is believed to have been a cardiac arrest in Los Angeles.

The singer, 50, was pronounced dead soon after he arrived at an LA hospital.

The LA Coroner has confirmed his death.

Lieutenant Fred Corral told CNN Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:26pm (7.26am) local time after reportedly suffering a cardiac arrest, but not a heart attack.

“I can tell you at this time that we were notified by West Los Angeles Police Department detectives that Mr Jackson was transported … to the hospital, and upon admitting, he was unresponsive and was pronounced dead at approximately 2:26 this afternoon,” Corral told CNN.

Whatever it is that he’d been up to, good or bad, the world will always remember MJ as the ‘King of Pop’.

Rest in Peace……

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