Breezing through life and loving every moment…

Sun Worshipper

At 10 am this morning… basking in the bright morning sunshine…

Rub some sun lotion on me baby...

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Have you heard of the latest in total fitness ? Catching your siestas while practicing your yoga too!

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And They Never Judge….

Playing with the dogs today, I realized just how unconditional their love and affection for us is. They wag their tails without fail, greet me with the widest grin (well, it looks like a grin) and when they look at me with those big brown eyes, it just makes my heart melt. Dogs….they are indeed your best friends when all else fail.

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The Many Sleeping Positions of Marley

Mom had always wanted another dog of her own ever since the last of the family dog packed up and went to Canine Heaven after retirement age. So after the break-in at my brother’s house at the back, brother decided he should get a dog to watch over the place since our dogs refused to go over.

So that was how we got Marley. She’s a really good girl and is now about 7 months old. She is a dashound/terrier mix with the best temperament . Occasionally over the weekend, I would bring her over to snooze on our front porch so she would have some human company.

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