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Is This IT?!

Woke up early this morning with mild mentrual-like cramps around my lower belly and lower back. They were bearable and totally manageable. It lasted from about 3.30am to sometime after 4am about 6-7 minutes apart. I mostly slept through whatever cramps after 4am and woke up again at 5am and they were gone.


In my head I was thinking “WOO HOO!!! LET’S GO HOSPITAL!!!!” but I suppose not yet. I probably would be sent back home and creating chaos at home for false labor. But is it? Well, I do not have any mucus discharge or watery leaks…so still a long way to go I suppose. We will see what doc says today.

Oh by the way, I am going in today for a membrane sweep. My 40-week check-up showed baby could be at 3kg and after discussing with doc, we decide to opt for the safe way out and start inducing her to come out if she doesn’t by this weekend. Well, scans are notoriously inaccurate at this stage but we are also not keen to wait too long and end up with me having to push a miniature humpty dumpty out later.

So really, by this weekend we could have a baby!

And quite frankly we are a bit freaked out.

Wish us luck!


Random Updates @ 39 Weeks

1. I am now 60kg

2. No stretch marks!!

3. My feet have started to swell, and my knuckles hurt like hell in the middle of the night

4. I sweat sweat sweat everywhere! It’s annoying…

5. I want to go on a holiday.

6. I am starting to get nervous about delivery and post-delivery

7. I have strange pigmentation marks underneath my arms

8. Baby’s movements are getting unpredictable, she sometimes scares the crap out of me when she doesn’t move!

9. I think my mum is so sweet for cooking all my favorite dishes for me before confinement

10. And daddy still walks me home every night. (*awwwww* ).

I suppose I will always be daddy’s little girl, even after I have my OWN little girl 🙂

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The Waiting

We are now waiting (im)patiently for baby to decide to pack up and leave her little cosy space inside mummy. She is not showing any signs yet of arriving anytime soon though. My gut feeling tells me that it will be another week or so past 40 weeks before we welcome the new family member.

Her movements have recently slowed down, and being the paranoid mum-to-be, I have been extremely attentive to every quiver, nudge and wriggle. In terms of kick counts, she is still showing signs of movement with an average frequency of about 2-3 movements every hour. A lot less than what she was previously doing, but in the late evenings she gets very active. So I feel better then. But during the day, I do get a little anxious. The fact that she is yet to engage and all that, I cannot help but think of all sorts of situations that she could be in inside that might restrict her movements and whether or not she is in distress, and whether or not we need to get her out! But I guess she is still doing fine. Hubby listens to her heartbeat a few times a day, and it is beating strong and steady albeit the sluggish movements.

We might have to consider a planned c-section if she is still not engaged by week 41. So another week of waiting and we shall see. Who knows, a lot can happen in the next 10 days or so. We will have to discuss with the doctor next week.


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39 Weeks

At 39 weeks, baby is still not engaged. She has become slightly more sluggish but her movements are still distinct.

Tonight after dinner, there was a painful sensation all over my belly…3 times about a few seconds apart. Then as sudden as they had came about, they were gone.

The waiting continues…

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Hanging Around @ 37+ weeks

So…what have we been up lately…?

Life moves on as normal…I am still going to work, doing simple house chores and such. But moving around and even sitting now is getting a tad more difficult lately. Baby’s butt/limb is wedged right underneath my boobs which is making it harder to sit properly at a table to have a meal. I have to really eat sitting away from the table because I am unable to bend over my dish. Which means that more often than not, I spill/drop food onto my belly. Which makes me look like a total klutz sometimes….oh well. I cannot even sit on the toilet properly, you know.

I am still cooking at home, and I somehow feel quite proud of it :P. I tell Hubby…you have a heavily pregnant wife who is still feeding you properly. Be thankful. But the truth is, I am cooking/making meals which I feel like eating but am unable to get them here. Like last weekend, I made scones for brekky because well….there ain’t nice scones around here. So it makes me happy. Although I leave the washing to Hubby because my belly is in the way and I cannot get close enough to the sink properly to be able to do the dishes properly.

People say that the last few weeks will drag on…yes they are right. Baby’s movements are sometimes so strong I feel as if she is trying to burst out of her little confined space. Freaky no?

I am still at a steady 57-58 kg…still trying to stuff myself to gain that few extra pounds but not making any progress. But with baby probably squashing most of my internal organs (my stomach included) not like I am able to fit in much food. Gone are my dreams to stuff myself silly with yummy food whilst pregnant. Not working for me. *SULK*

I think this has been quite a good pregnancy, apart from the awful morning sickness initially. But I am so energetic and awake and bouncy all the time I think I am not normal. Even hubby says so….”Why aren’t you napping all the time like normal pregnant women??” I don’t know…I honestly don’t know. Maybe he feels stressed up because he feels more tired sometimes and I am like staring at him eagerly wanting to do something…or go somewhere….or anything! Yes I am rather bored being a little immobile with my belly.

Ah…few more weeks to go…and that squirmy little person will be staring at us. How exciting!

P/S: I don’t have stretch marks! Whoopeee!

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The Decision to Breastfeed

I have decided right from the beginning, even prior to getting pregnant, that our baby will be breast-fed exclusively.

Of course, I did this with as much prior knowledge as possible of what this will mean for us. For starters, I have always known that it will not be easy (initially anyway). I probably will not have a lot of rest since breastfeeding means baby will need to be fed on demand. There might be engorgement issues, blocked ducts and all sorts of problems that formula bottle-feeding mums might not encounter. There are challenging days ahead for sure BUT I believe that they will be fulfilling ones. I am going to give baby the best start she can possibly have!

I hope that going ahead with this decision, almost fully aware of what to expect will make it maybe a little bit easier. I do not have the luxury of breastfeeding or pre-natal classes here, but lots of support from friends who have been (and still are) breastfeeding their babies successfully. I have been reading and reading websites, books and articles…anything I can get my hands on on this subject that I cannot possibly think of anything else to read up on. I made Hubby read my breastfeeding books too, and he is 100% supportive of this decision. 🙂

I was not a breastfed baby. In fact, mum told me that the hospital even used me as an ‘advertisement’ for a certain formula brand back then. So, this is rather ironic…Despite that, I am so touched how my mum is also supportive of my decision to breastfeed and I am loving her even more for the small efforts she is making to help me achieve this – looking for recipes that might help my milk production later to cook for confinement, getting me comfortable clothing to wear during confinement that make breastfeeding easier and never mentioned a single thing on stocking up on formula! How I love my mum!

Hardware-wise, the pump is ready, the nursing bras are ready and even the position of the cot is such that it will make it easier for me to get up from the bed and reach baby at nights. Finally, I am taking about 4 months off work to give me more time with baby and encourage direct latch-on for a longer time instead of having to pump and bottle feed.

So wish me luck!


Nursing Bras

Why does this town only stock up to size 34A/B for nursing bras? Obviously SOME nursing mothers might have bigger boobs than that?

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Random Updates @ 35 Weeks

1. I get tired so easily now…even a short outing to the shops leaves me breathless by the time we get home. Either this is normal or I am oh-so not fit!

2. Sleeping is a CHORE! I cannot find a comfortable position wherever I roll…multiple pillows or bolsters or whatever! How am I supposed to get that sleep that I am supposed to before baby arrives??!!!

3. Baby gets the hiccups at least once a day! 🙂

4. Finally done most of the important baby shopping

5. Packed my hospital bag

6. Put on 11-12 kg so far, which brings us to 58kg total

7. I have never shopped for so many new things in my life! Not even on my worst I-am-so-depressed-I-need-to-spend-money days. It is amazing how many new things one little person needs! And we are only talking essentials!

8. Stretch marks – not YET! *hopefully none*. Water retention – not YET!

9. Still on cucumber mania

10. There are weird pigmentation marks on my boobs

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Cucumber Madness

I have had countless people ask me, what do I crave for? But I found it difficult to answer because I thought I did not crave for anything in particular because the usual things that most preggy women go mad over (chocolates, ice cream, seafood blah blah) I was not (and still am not) interested in.

But actually, I DO have a preference for something, which probably do not qualify as typical ‘craving’ food.


I have to have cucumber …LOTS of it…in any food that goes with cucumber.

I have to have extra cucumber with my chicken and duck rice

I have to have extra cucumber with my nasi lemak (I actually cut and bring my own cucumber stash to the nasi lemak warung!)

I am obsessed with cucumber with any western-type food

I am crazy over cucumber sandwiches (bread, cucumber and butter) <– OUT OF THIS WORLD! (I know….weird)

I LOVE lots of cucumber in my FACT, I could just eat cucumber all day! But I cannot for the lack of other nutrition

I load up my salsa with extra cucumber with tortilla chips

So, really…the thing I crave for throughout this pregnancy? CUCUMBER

I have such a strange diet…

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34+ Weeks

We are approaching 35 weeks in the next few days…and in a blink of an eye, it will be 36 weeks and weekly check-ups!! Eeek! That means 4 more weeks to go before D-day! And ANYTHING can happen in 4 weeks…

My belly did grow quite a bit over the last 2-3 weeks…and sleeping has become quite a ‘chore’. In fact, I’d rather be at work sitting on the office chair than anywhere else! It does feel much more comfortable, with my feet up on a Jacob’s Cream Cracker tin…he he…

Life is still going on as usual, the reality that our lives will drastically change has not yet set in. Sure, we talk about it. We have moved the crib into the bedroom, gotten the second crib/playpen downstairs and I even partially packed my hospital bags. Just a few more small things to buy and we should be all set to welcome our little bundle of joy. 🙂 I was packing a romper for her coming-home outfit and thought…Gee…someone is going to fit in THAT? It’s so small!!!

Baby is kicking, wriggling, moving and having the hiccups a lot lately. It sure feels like she is running out of space and every small movement makes my belly move. Oh, she has finally turned head-down and hopefully will remain that way till it is time to come out see the world…the right way. I am hoping and praying to avoid a c-section, if possible. Of course, the thought of something having to come out from such a umm..small daunting…but how many millions of women have done it.?! So can I O.O

I keep wondering…how will she look like? How heavy will she be? Will she have hair? Will she look like mummy or daddy? Will she be a screamer? Will she like us? Oh so many questions….only to be answered within the next few weeks (6 weeks….OMG less than 6 weeks!!!!!).

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